Many God fearing Catholics don't embrace Homosexuality

I believe that those who engage in a homosexual lifestyle as a Catholic would be living a highly morally and questionable lifestyle which can only invite the potential of causing grave sin to themselves and possibly even to their partners. I also believe many God fearing Catholics will agree to this.

I don’t disagree. I also think there are many God-fearing Catholics who while recognising homosexual activity itself to be sinful, would like the Church to be almost infinitely more loving towards and accepting of people who are attracted to their own gender. It’s not beyond the wit of man (it’s certainly not beyond the wit of Our Lord) to find a way celebrate human love in all its forms.

Though it does seem beyond the wit of at least some to worry about actual problems in the world like hunger and disease, rather than the fact two people love each other. I think we can concern ourselves with the “homosexual lifestyle” (what IS that anyway?) once we more responsibly act as guardians of the world God made, and the people who live on it.

Our Lord never saw fit to “celebrate” sexual love in sinful forms earlier in this world’s history. Remember, God is the same throughout human time and beyond.


We can surely celebrate the love without celebrating sex.

And…you believe this as well for those who engage in an (unmarried) heterosexual lifestyle, right?

But…also, for those who engage in a married homosexual lifestyle, yes?

(when you say “lifestyle”…do you mean, “have sex”? I don’t think you mean the official dictionary meaning of the word, right?)

Do you think many Catholics who don’t fear God would agree to this, too?
Or is the “fear” part essential in your belief equation?


Not when “love” has been redefined as two people getting together in a sexual context.

When our LORD said love, He didn’t mean that.

And while HE taught love essentially nonstop, He didn’t omit “go and sin mo more”!


Well that’s a fair enough point to be sure! Let’s assume that I at least mean ‘platonic love’ in this context.

God bless you

Good questions. Since the CC considers all sexual contact outside of marriage sinful I wonder about the motives of the church targeting same sex attraction as being extraordinary. Certainly there are a lot less homosexual sinners than unmarried couples cohabiting and many more adulterers, Why not just leave it as a sin and not invite the unintended consequences of alienating more Catholics and non-Catholics?

Why would any Catholics fear God?

This is true. I see more and more single catholic mothers. The church needs to get it’s priorties in order. Forget the ss “problem” It would seem that ss union is the bigger sin, yet any sex outside of marriage is disordered? wrong? and we do not hear the church preaching about this as much as ss issues.

There’s nothng like married homosexual lifestyle. whether or not they have a legal document is inconsequential to whether or not they are committing grave evil.

We had this topic/issue as a family discussion at an extended family reunion (why does the CHurch seem obsessed with gay sex and passes over other sexual sins). The consensus:

Because most of the people who write the :big checks" to the parish building fund, etc. have straight sons and daughters who engage in cohabitation, children out of wedlock, etc.,and most priests will wink and nod so not to offend and stop the money from coming.

Now, most people on these forums may say that’s not true – but that is a view shared by many average people in the pews. Their argument – when was the last time you heard a sermon about birth control, sex before marriage, cohabitation? Sad, cynical, and remember perception for many IS reality

“…fearing God is good because it saves us from caving into our own sinful nature. That’s why hearing someone is God-fearing actually makes us trust that person more. If they fear God, they are more likely to keep their word and treat others with kindness.”

I agree with this, but I also believe that I caused myself grave sin when I engaged in heterosexual premarital sex - and that’s true for everyone else.

I’ve always wondered that myself.

I find this quote by St. Ignatius to be very useful when speaking of love.

“Love consists in sharing…
What one has…
and what one is…
with those…one loves
Love ought to show itself in deeds
more than in words…”

Hollywood’s version of love is sex. Sex by it’s very nature is momentary, and lacking in fullness. Love is the goal, the Spirit of God, not lust.

I don’t **embrace **it at all.

I think OP set up a false…premise(?)–I’m not a logician, so I don’t know the phraseology.

A faithful Catholic can show fraternity, compassion, even a sense of love to people with SSA/homosexuals without embracing homosexuality.

It’s not now, nor has it ever been a matter of *embracing *it. I hope none of my kids grows up to be gay. For many reasons I hope this, not only for the “Catholic” reasons.

But let’s just say my son grows up to be gay. If I continue to love him as a father loves a son, would that mean I am embracing homosexuality?

There’s this whole sense of “if we don’t rail against it and utter every condemnation of it, we **necessarily **approve of it” attitude about sin, especially when it comes to homosexuality.

Because same sex attraction is extraordinary. It is disordered. Further, sexual acts that are performed by those with SSA are more than disordered. They are totally abhorrent. Most people simply do not consider what, exactly, is done in homosexual sex. They just focus on the “love”. I simply cannot understand why people seem to blind themselves in this way.

That’s a beautiful quotation and I couldn’t agree more. :smiley:

I agree. I know several homosexual people, and love them and respect them as we all should, but do not “embrace” the lifestyle. We have to love the person but we do not have to love or support the lifestyle. I’m going to get creamed for this…but it is obvious that people, whether they are born with it or not, have strong homosexual tendencies. On the other hand people, whether they are born with it or not, have strong heterosexual tendencies, However people are less likely to condemn someone for having permesquis sexual relations with people of the of the opposite sex…Hello pot…this is kettle.

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