Many in U.S. Are Arrested by Age 23, Study Finds

By age 23, almost a third of Americans have been arrested for a crime, according to a new study that researchers say is a measure of growing exposure to the criminal justice system in everyday life.

[quote=NY Times Article]That figure is significantly higher than the 22 percent found in a 1965 study that examined the same issue using different methods.

If they are going to compare the two studies, why did they change the methodology?

[quote=NY Times Article]The increase may be a reflection of the justice system becoming more punitive and more aggressive in its reach during the last half-century, the researchers said.

Or the increase (if there is in fact an increase) could be a reflection of an increasing attitude among juveniles and young adults that breaking the law is no big deal.

I find this article a bit odd.

Really? Is there a test that a physician can run that will identify future criminals?:confused:



And the percentages are likely higher among those with less education, among non-asian persons of color, among the poor.

The study did not look at racial or regional differences, but other research has found higher arrest rates for black men and for youths living in poor urban areas.

This points to the ‘nuture’ side of the equation. Education is not valued, hard work is not modeled, church attendence is low, marriage is not practiced. All those things lead to a lack of morals and concern for others, which can lead directly to crime.

St John Bosco, pray for us.

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