Many Killed As Powerful Earthquake Rocks Italy

A powerful earthquake struck a huge swathe of central Italy as residents slept on Monday morning, killing at least 27 people when houses, churches and other buildings collapsed, officials and news report said.


The Italian news talk of about 100 deaths and 50,000 displaced. The main hospital that should support the area is only 10% functional. You can see the images of the disaster at this link.

I just read where the US Gov’t is sending $50,000 to Italy as aid. Is that amt. typical for US aid?

i read that deaths could be upwards of 150. historical monuments could have suffered severe damage also. i just got home, so i haven’t seen much coverage. a pretty powerful earthquake.

i didn’t think $50,000 seemed like very much money to send to help.

We are probably going to be bombarded with calls for donations from groups like the Red Cross.

For me, there is only one organization to donate to and that is Catholic Relief Services. Here is the donation link:

So far, nothing for direct donations for Italy.

Many are sharing the passion of Christ this week.

All my support to Italia in these bad moments, the great country that it is.

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