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I don’t think that some of these are worthy of their own threads so here is just a list, and I don’t wish to clutter up for the forums.
If you do not wish to answer them all, then just answer the ones you wish to.
I am a man of science, however my faith takes precedence. If there is any official church teaching then I will alter my current view to fit that teaching.

  1. Does the Church have an official stance on the Garden of Eden regarding its existence, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life? Or can I believe that it is symbolic (I still believe in Adam and Eve and fall of man and original sin).

  2. Did Eve form literally from Adam’s rib according to Church teaching? Or can I believe that just as how through evolution mutations occur, some mutation occurred that led to the female species, and so the females were once male (hence Eve was a part of Adam). Or is she spiritually from Adam?

  3. Adam and Even had souls (truly human), so does the Church teach that they did not have relations with other humans (those with no souls, such as Homo Erectus, and Neanderthals perhaps). Or is anything like this viewed as bestiality? I believe they are the original parents of mankind, but in their children and multiplying, does the Church reject that they had any relations with humans with no souls? I ask this as from how I was last taught, that people believe humans came from Africa. So, the first human species was from Africa, however two became ensouled by God, and they had children, and they were the ones that went out of Africa to become mankind as known today. I ask this because someone else mentioned it is possible that Adam and Eve’s children maybe had relations with those with no souls and had children (which had souls) to avoid incest between siblings. Is this view rejected? Or did they have relations ONLY with each other (siblings) so that relations were only between two beings with souls?

  4. If the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve were perfect (before the fall of man), I assumed that they would not sin (if the fall of man never happened). However, how would the children of Adam and Eve reproduce? Would they be committing incest? I’ve heard that God would allow them to have incest for the time being to multiply, but I’ve always assumed that God would not let them do anything detestable before the fall of man, but God would create them only for them to do something detestable “just for the time being.” Even so, I’ve always thought that no matter what, they would only do things that is sinless. What is the official church teaching on this?

4a. This is my view. Humans evolved as described in science. We were made from the primordial soup described in biology, hence we are made from dust (the Earth). Mutations led to the female rise from the male. Then mutations led to human species with no souls. Then God breathed souls into Adam and Eve (the first true humans), and are how I believe to be the first intelligent humans. After the fall of man, they became mortal just like other animals (and nonhuman species such as Neanderthals). They then multiplied and became the dominant form of life on Earth (true humans, while the other “humans” with no souls died out). Is any aspect of this rejected by Catholic teaching, or is this perfectly acceptable?

  1. Does the Church officially teach the Tower of Babel to be literal and the actual reason why the world speaks different languages, or does the Church say this can be interpreted symbolically and not literally.

  2. Is the story of Samson literal, or also just symbolic according to Church teaching?

  3. If someone were to say that the Epic of Gilgamesh is older than the account of Noah and says that it is a copy, how should I respond? Is the Noah story then of non-Jewish origin? How should I answer this?

  4. I know the Church teaches of the Second Coming. However, does the Church teach that Jesus will return on a cloud etc., or in some literal fashion as described in Revelation? This was how I was taught (before coming to Catholicism :)).

  5. Is the Beast and Satan being released into the world literal according to Catholic teaching? If there is no official teaching, then what do most Catholics believe in regard to this question?

  6. I used to be taught that at the end of the world, there will be a literal New Jerusalem and New Heaven. From this, I was taught that the current Heaven is only temporary. What is the official Church teaching on this? Why is there both a New Heaven and New Jerusalem?

  7. Glossolalia (unintelligable mutterings) speaking in tongues officially recognized by the Church or is only speaking in tongues (speaking a foreign language) the only form that is recognized by the Church? Before Catholicism, I was taught that the “angelic tongues” described in the Bible is what glossolalia (unintelligable mutterings) is.

  8. If Glossolalia (unintelligable mutterings) are true, then can they not be understood by demons? This was how I was previously taught referring to 1 Corinthians 14:2.

  9. When does enoulment take place according to official Catholic Teaching? At the moment of conception or possibly some time after? I’ve heard two answers, that it is at conception and that the Church isn’t sure.

  10. Pope Francis has no numeral. Will a roman numeral (Pope Francis I) be added once there is a Pope Francis II?

And thank you if you answer these questions. Sorry for having so many.


You really should have divided these questions up into different threads. I will start a new thread for the questions that I’m going to answer.

Also, a fair number of these questions have been answered many times before. Mr. Search Engine is your friend.


Okay, questions 8-10 are now over in the thread called “Kmon23’s Book of Revelation Questions”. Hope this helps!


Thanks I really appreciate it!


Thanks to the very numerous posts here which seek to nullify the plain meaning of Genesis, I will give you what has been taught by the Church Fathers.

  1. There was a literal Garden of Eden. Its boundaries are described in the Bible. The Tree that Adam and Eve could not eat from was described as having fruit (not what kind) that was good for food.

  2. Eve was formed by God from Adam’s side when he was put into a deep sleep.

  3. This is fiction. Science cannot say anything about the soul. There is nothing in the Bible that suggests God selected two proto-humans and gave them souls. See Humani Generis, especially # 37:

  4. We are given a genealogy in Genesis. As far as marriage between siblings.

4a) No one was there. There is no proof. God was the causal agent for all creation. There is zero scientific evidence for souls or confirmation that homids and pre-humans were anything other than animals. Again, science can say nothing about souls.

  1. Regarding the Tower of Babel:

  2. Samson: “Because of certain resemblances some scholars have claimed that the biblical account of the career and exploits of Samson is but a Hebrew version of the pagan myth of Hercules. This view, however, is nothing more than a superficial conjecture lacking serious proof.” Source: Catholic Encyclopedia.

  3. The entire Bible was written by men under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Gilgamesh? “Genesis does not contain purified myths. (Pontifical Biblical Commission 1909)” I do know the story but it’s just a story.

  4. The Bible tells us the same Jesus which ascended into the clouds will return the same way. Jesus also talks about His return.

  5. It’s literal. Satan, or the Beast or Serpent, is at work right now.


  7. The Bible clearly tells us that speaking in tongues is real and it is required that someone be present to interpret what was said for the benefit of all.

  8. I can find no reference to this idea.

  9. The Church is not sure, but human life should be treated as inviolable from the moment of conception.

God bless,

  1. I ask this question because I read that the Catholic Church allows the acceptance of theistic evolution. So when it came to Adam and Eve, I was wondering whether it can be an accepted view that in the evolution of man (by God of course) that at conception of Adam in the womb of someone that was when God breathed life into him.

4a) Similarly I’m not saying that some of us are descended not from Adam and Eve. I believe everyone is descended from Adam. However if someone were descended from a Neanderthal (non-human) and Adam, the person would still hold a lineage to Adam. So my question was whether it is possible any of Adam’s future children could have had relations with non-humans (Neanderthals). I ask this because recent published works seem to indicate possible early Neanderthal/Human interbreeding based on DNA analysis, and whether the Church condemned the view of human inbreeding during the early years of humanity (just theoretically if there is strong evidence for published work on interbreeding).

  1. I ask this because on other forums, people mentioned two main types of tongue. Unintelligible mutterings (common in Protestant denominations, such as Charismatic Movement) and speaking in a foreign language unknown to the person. Most Catholics online seem to believe and support only the tongue of foreign language, but did not believe in unintelligible mutterings. So my question was in regard to specifically just to the speaking in tongue of unintelligible mutterings (unless your answer is referring to this kind of speaking in tongue?)


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