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Archangels are amazing people, I want to know if it’s possible for one to contact you and if not an archangel what about your guardian angel? I don’t long to come into contact with a spiritual being like them but it would be nice…

  1. They are not called that.
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. Yes, Perfect contrition, provided on seeks out confession ASAP
  5. No one knows
  6. No one knows
  7. This is fine.


Speak with your guardian angel. Pray to them for their intercession for help and guidance

  1. Talk to a priest about how you can fast, I’d say. Frankly, not eating (at all?) for three days is almost certainly not the way to go for this.

Usually, at least I think, it’s one full meal and two smaller meals on a fast day. That’s how I was brought up anyway. But even there, there are exceptions when needed for a person’s health. In my case for example, fasting beyond that is not currently something I should be doing.


They’re not people (i.e., ‘humans’), they’re angels. They are fully spirit, and do not have bodies.

Angels act at the command of God. What reason might you suggest that God might have, to have an angel appear to you?

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