March 14, 2014 Clinton only Dem with edge on GOP


March 14, 2014

Clinton only Dem with edge on GOP

Only Hillary, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are cited in the article as potential Democratic Candidates for 2016 though.

PPP’s regular look at the 2016 Presidential race really shows how important it is for the party that Hillary Clinton run in 2016. She leads Mike Huckabee 49/42 in a hypothetical contest. By contrast Joe Biden would trail Huckabee 46/41 in a hypothetical match, and Elizabeth Warren would trail 44/33. This is one of the most massive electability gaps we’ve ever seen.

Clinton also leads the rest of the Republican field in potential contests, although some of the match ups are pretty close. Jeb Bush is the strongest GOP hopeful, trailing by only 3 points at 47/44 and Chris Christie isn’t far behind with a 4 point deficit at 46/42. Clinton leads Rand Paul and Paul Ryan each by 5 points at 47/42 and 48/43 respectively, Marco Rubio by 8 points at 48/40, and Ted Cruz by 11 points at 51/40.

And it is somewhat in doubt that she will run for certain … given her health problems.

Clinton Out of Hospital After Treatment for Clot < January 2013, clot was in a vein at the top of her brain.

Hillary Clinton leaving New York-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital after several days
of treatment for a blood clot in a vein in her head.


Go Joe Biden!!! :smiley: Heh, heh…the Democrats will be the one running Grandpa Moses for a change. Then THEY can deal with all the “senior” jokes and slurs that were thrown at McCain and Dole.


Don’t forget the “senior” jokes and slurs that were thrown at Reagen (even after he was elected)! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:




Sudden thought: If he could just turn around the Golden State by 2016 … Jerry Brown would be the next logical possible for the Democratic Nomination.

Other than that … do they run -

Kerry? Gore? Carter? Michelle Obama? Cuomo?

Hillary’s brain troubles and the fact she quit the Sec. of State job could really hurt her if some other Democrat ran hard against her (like Obama did actually, in 2008).

Replaying her anti-Obama ad speculating he wouldn’t know what to do if the 3 am call came to the White House and he was President would be another telling blow.

When that call came from Benghazi … Hillary picked up the phone and … :nope:

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