March 20th: Sweater Day in Honor of Mr. Roger's 80th Birthday

I thought this was a touching tribute sign that lots of us can do. Here’s Mr. McFeeley the postman telling about the tribute for March 20th. It’s a beautiful day… won’t we all be a good neighbor today.


I loved Mr. Roger’s. His show was so sweet. Truthfully, when he passed away, I was really upset, more than I would have expected.

Cheers Mr Rogers. I am sporting a tangerine sweater in your honor.

I also heard that McFeely was Fred Rogers middle name…thus Mr McFeely was born.

I too loved Mr Rogers! When my children were small he was a 4:30 pm must! And there were days that he made me feel good when I was hurried and stressed! Did you know he was a sharp shooter in WW ll? God Bless Fred Rogers.

The WWII thing is a longstanding hoax (but very funny and entertaining to think about.)

Fred is one of my personal heroes.

I wear my sweater everyday!

Mr. Rogers was great but almost too much for me or any kid.

My mother says that after my first day in school, I got off the bus, walked down the driveway and kicked off my shoes, high in the air, then walked across the lawn to greet her. That’s real.

With Mr. Rogers, it’s always take off the jacket and hang it up; put on the sweater and button it up; take off the shoes and put them away; put on the sneakers and tie them properly.

He was a good guy, but my kids preferred watching inspector gadget.

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