March 21 World Down Syndrome Day

blessings to all of you

Wasn’t that BEAUTIFUL!!! All children are gifts of God! I began praying as soon as I heard that prenatal would be pushed on moms that might have children with Autism! It terrorfies me when man thinks he has the right to play God and decide who lives and who dies in such a manner! God doesn’t make mistakes, He has a purpose for every one of us, and these wonderful children and the wonderful adults (many who have been good friends through out the years to me) show us what it is to love as Christ loves.

The threat of abortion to children with disabilities is enormous!! It’s the old Nazi Final Solution practiced within the womb, its sick, and I can’t believe I ever supported Pro Choice. What about the child? Doesn’t look like they get to have a choice, does it? Who gets to decide whether someone is “too disabled” or not? Where would the line be drawn? I see no defense to those who support the abortion of people with disabilities just because they don’t want to be burdoned with their care. All people require care. And all people at some point will aquire a disability. Should we then shoot you in the head when that happens? Because really, there isn’t that much of a difference except for the fact that at least the person that gets a disability later on through an accident had a chance to live and are able to speak on their own behalf.

Sorry for the rant!!!

Saint Aleydis Calls

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