March for Life, DC - What were your experiences?

I’d love to hear about the experiences that people had who were able to go to Washington, DC for the March for Life. I watched the coverage on EWTN, which was wonderful. :thumbsup:

I attended. Since the mainstream news media (ABC, CBS, NBC) failed to show up, the job of photo journalism fell to me. Here’s a link to my latest in a series of blog entries I’m doing on this year’s March for Life:

This particular entry is titled “March for Life January 2010, Catholic Presence.”

Former entries include features on human interest (“We the People”), and taking attendance on who in the news media showed up (“Media Presence”).

Upcoming entries will include features on outstanding signs and banners, college representation, and … Notre Dame will get its very own mention.

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Nice pictures!! At least EWTN put their coverage on for several days. The “lamestream” media…well, what can you say…

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I was there. I won’t describe it. I’ll link you to a video on my blog that is stunning. It was made by some students from Baylor University. I’m a doctor of Molecular Biology and run a Catholic, pro-life blog.

The Baylor video link is here Just click on the picture:

Then there was this video that I report on

These two videos put you right there. What was truly stunning was all of the young people.


God Bless :tiphat::tiphat::tiphat:

Great videos!!:thumbsup:

I loved these videos is there any way I can share them on my facebook page?

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Feel free to copy the links onto your facebook page. I’m on Facebook too:

Gerard M Nadal

It was fantastic! The vast majority of those marching were young people. The number of young priests made me want to hug every one of them.

The protesters up by the platform, they were sad and pathetic. Heck, if I knew that the group I was protesting had 300K people attending, and I only had a couple dozen protesters show up, I’d have sent them home from embarrassment!

Just went to show how weak and arrogant the killers are.

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