March for Life Jan 22, 2007


OK who is going? I know I leave tomorrow morning to go… Let’s start a list:

  1. BlestOne


Boo Hoo. Can’t go this year.
My prayers go out to all of you who are!

Keep warm!

  1. StephanieC

  1. Fitz

  1. Tracydaisy

This is my first year and I’m really excited.


Mine too! & me too!
Well, looks like it’ll be four lonely CAF’ers reporting back for debriefing from D.C…anyone else?


Our young adult group is going, we’re leaving tomorrow morning!

This is our yahoo group:



There’s another thread on the exact same thing here.

Y’all really need to PM each other and meet up before or afterwards.

Prayers for ya :thumbsup:


I’m afraid that I’m not going to make it this year, but I know someone who is…

Kansas Senator, and now Presidential hopeful, Sam Brownback.

God Bless,
Ferdinand Mary


I didn’t go, but our daughter Lauren (16) went with the Pro
Life group from school! Our son Andrew wants to go next
year when he is in high school. I hope I will possibly get
there next year too! :slight_smile:


Whew! Just got back… It was awesome!!! There were tons of seminarians and religious there… and it seemed like a MILLION kids!!! More later… Here is the mass before the rally and my daughter at the rally.


I wasn’t able to go to the march this year because I got into a car accident on Sunday. :frowning: I realllllly wanted to go. Did Fr. Bill Byrne (tall, jolly, Irish looking) say the homily at the youth mass?


Yes, I believe he did. Well I don’t know his last name, but he was Fr. Bill. Does anyone know if I could find a transcript of the homily, it was really good and I’d like to quote parts on my blog :slight_smile:


How are you? I hope it was not too serious! I did not go to the youth masses. I did go to Fr. Pavone’s mass at St. Peter’s and I went back to St. Peter’s the next day before the March and went to a mass said by the DC Bishop. I am sure the youth masses were electric. I would like to have gone to all the functions, but the ones I went to were great.


I am fine, thank you for asking. It was a fender bender, I just have a bruise on my arm from the airbags deploying.

I am glad andy120 liked Fr. Bill’s homily. His homilies are always moving and to the point. He is my priest and he’s saying my wedding mass! If you find a transcript let me know.



Fr. Bill’s homily at the youth mass. (Windows Media Player needed.)




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