March for Life with kids?

DH and I are thinking of going to DC this year for the first time to participate in the March for Life. Has anyone here ever done this with young kids? I’m not sure how long we’ll be there, so I imagine breastfeeding and diaper changes could be tough, if not impossible. Thought?

What kind of transportation? How far away?

What are the ages?

There is one thing I wish I could scream from the roof tops about those who take their kids to the march:


It’s a pet peeve of mine in daily life, but every single time I have gone on the march, I see kid after kid dressed so scantily it makes me want to cry.

I remember two years ago when it was snow and ice, with a negative wind chill. Here I am wearing 3 or 4 layers, gloves, a hat, scarf, a big winter coat…and along comes a couple with two kids in a wagon.

The couple is dressed just like me. But their two kids (a 5 or 6 year old and an infant) were wearing pants and long sleeved shirts. Not even a blanket! All I could do was stare!

This happens frequently. I don’t know. Am I just sensitive? I just remember seeing strollers with freezing kids. It was horrible. :frowning:

The March for Life is a great experience! However, with younger children it could be rough. How old are your children? The event is HUGE, and if your kids are young and get bored easily, then it might not make for the best of time. DC is jampacked during the day. If you needed to get to a restroom to change a diaper, you could be in for a wait. With younger children, it might be best to wait until they are a little older. Then again, I’ve never been in that type of situation seeing as I’m only 16 so maybe someone a little older could give their advice.

My daughter is 12 months. We would be taking a bus from my church and it would probably take 45 minutes to one hour. She would be in a sling all day, dressed warmly. If it’s really cold, I wouldn’t go. We’ve had a very uncharactoristicly mild winter thus far, with only a handful of days below freezing so I was hoping it might be nice that day, maybe in the 50’s.

How long does the event last? If it’s only 2 - 3 hours, I could change the diaper on the bus right before we get off, and as long as there are no poops, wait until we get back on to change her again. A few goldfish and a sippy cup would also hold us over. More than 3 hours and I might out it off a year or two.

With you have a shorter distance, it might require the same preparation as going to a park or concert.

Many of the places around the march are closed or closed to public access. Are you going with your hubby? If so, that might help in terms of changing her. The womens’ restroom is always packed but the mens’ restroom is shorter.

If she is a happy baby, it is doable. But if she gets bored, unhappy or stiff, you will have a hard time finding a warm, quiet place to sit down or let her walk. There is practically a 5 mile radius of people shoulder to shoulder, everywhere, with buses around the perimeter.

The lincoln memorial park is covered in so many people you cannot see the ground around the entire perimeter. They try to put up porta potties but those have lines that can take up to an hour.

I don’t want to seem to depressing because if you and your baby are easy going and used to outings it should be okay. Like my first post, I see a LOT of kids at this event.

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