"Marching to Zion."

What are CAF’s thoughts on this film? (Please note that I do not support Pastor Steven Anderson nor his church I’m just curious as to CAF’s thoughts of this film. I do not intend any kind of hate or bigotry either.)

I haven’t bothered watching the trailer, but I sense a lack of knowledge and research regarding this subject on the part of the pastor.

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How so? (10 characters)

This “pastor” is considered fringe by most Christians. He is a Holocaust denier (that is enough to avoid him).

Stay far away.


I don’t support this pastor. But this isn’t about him, this thread is about the film.

His movie will present his twisted views.

From IMDB “According to a 10 December 2014 report on the “Christian Today” website, and a 9 December 2014 report on the Arizona-based “Jewish News” website, four Jewish clerics interviewed for this film have stated that they were tricked into appearing, not knowing of Steven Anderson’s motive for producing the work. Rabbi Irwin Wiener, one of the men interviewed, stated that Anderson told him the documentary was being made for the Public Broadcasting Service. Wiener commented, “The subterfuge that he used to get these interviews from us is beyond belief.” Another interviewee, Jeffrey Schesnol, stated that his interviewer said the project was an educational film being made by a Los Angeles-based company.”

Pastor Anderson has no qualifications in theology or philosophy. He dropped out of seminary. His only qualification is that he’s read the Bible cover to cover. But on the positive side, he isn’t afraid to fight the culture wars and defend traditional Christian morality.


I didn’t even know he went to seminary in the first place.

Too long I didn’t watch the whole thing.

This is where I stand as a Catholic.

I believe in defending all people of all races and religions human beings deserve to be defended and treated with charity.

I however do not support Christian Zionism and I think that a lot of well-intentioned Protestants are just simply being used.

I believe that the Church is the New Jerusalem and that we are God’s people and Israel belongs to the Church.

I believe that the Jews forfeited their inheritance just as Esau forfeited his inheritance for a bowl of soup they await a false Messiah the Antichrist.

The Jews of today are not the Jews of the Old Testament modern Judaism is a man-made religion just as Protestantism is a man-made version of the apostolic faith.

There are probably as many Jewish sects as there are almost Protestant sects.

At the same time while I do acknowledge that there is a lot of truth about the Federal Reserve and Rothschilds there is also truth about the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the satanic influence of Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes there use of eugenics and the gay lobby.

There isn’t just one group that is responsible for all the ills of the world it’s a series of groups in a spider web interconnecting to the evil one.

At the center of this web of darkness is Satan.

So I don’t blame everything on the Jews but I do acknowledge that Zionism does exist.

I think supporting the state of Israel is a pointless endeavor because they don’t care about Christians they don’t care about the Goyim they aren’t converting to Christ they are just using people.

So as a Christian in relations to the Jews I don’t really put them on a pedestal or idolatrize them as a people because they rejected Christ.

I look towards the Old Testament people for inspiration not current day Judaism.

Defending the Holy Land and innocent people yes.

Defending the Israeli Government and there awaited false Messiah no.

I just try to take the neutral position on these kinds of things. I don’t know what God wants for Israel or Palestine so I let him do his thing, whatever that may be. Maybe the Jews today aren’t the Jews of the past. Maybe they are. Regardless, they reject Christ and are not of him. In Orthodox tradition, the Antichrist is said to be a Jew who proclaims himself to be Messiah, though he will be a false Messiah.

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This one is much better (I see old friends singing, friends I hope to see someday!!)

Or this one, brings back memories!

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