Marcus Grodi's novel: what's your opinion?


I’m curious to know whwther anyone else has read Marcus Grodi’s novel, *How Firm a Foundation. *It tells the story of a Protestant minister’s conversion to Catholicism. I found it to be a great read that included a good deal of Catholic apologetics. What with Mr. Grodi’s Coming Home apostolate and Journey Home TV program on EWTN, I don’t know how he found the time to write such an interesting story.


:thumbsup: I will be honest with you - I love him and I couldn’t put his book down! I thought it was an awesome catholic book!

I have thus shared it - and have gotten the same goodo’s!

Have you read it? :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I loved it as well. Although I can see that people without a doctrinal bent would get bogged down in some parts. I thought the relationship between the protagonist and his wife was very realistic. And who wouldn’t enjoy the crazy anti-Catholic guy? :smiley:


I think I read it in two days — at night-- when my family was sleeping and I work full time as a professional!

I just wa so hooked - do you know if he is going to write another one and do you watch Journey Home on Monday’s at 8:00 pm?



I haven’t read his book but I record all his shows!:thumbsup:


Spell binding. Very well written. My mind was recording what I read like I was watching a movie.


I think he needs to do a sequel. (Are you reading this, Mr. Grodi?) There are characters I would like to see more “development” on. :smiley:


I liked it, my wife liked it and we’ve passed it on to others who have liked it as well.
I think I’d rather see this made into a movie than the DaVinci Code…

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