Mardi Gras Adios

Fat Tuesday is adios day for many of us!

We’ll miss you CAF, but perhaps when we come back we will have lost some of our inordinate affection for you!

I will miss your posts. Have a blessed Lent.

EasterJoy, I hope that is not the case for you! :wink:

You must have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek, because anyone can see I post here too much!

Not for my taste! :thumbsup:

I guess I will just have to give up EasterJoy for Lent this year. :smiley:

Have a blessed lent! :sad_bye:

I second that. EasterJoy always gives the best advice.

I’m out too.

I will have more prayer time and hopefully, time for things like even…exercise! :eek:

Keep on keepin’ on, my dear forum friends. Have a blessed Lent!

:cool::wave::takeoff::whackadoo: :jrbirdman: :choocho:

I’ll miss you as well. Have a blessed Lent!!

Thanks, it’s bound to be tough. I’ve got a big-time internet addiction. Especially CAF. But with a lot of prayer and help from God, I’ll make the sacrifice and be better for it.

:love::coffeeread: That’s me reading Scripture instead of CAF posts! LOL

I look for to both of you returning.

Please pray for me as I will be praying for you.

See you! Have a Blessed Lent!!

And :wave::takeoff:… from me, too!


Have a wonderful lent!


:rotfl: :wave:

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