Mardi Gras Celebration

As is our wont, we ended our Mardi Gras celebration tonight by burning last year’s palms, covering all the statues in our house with purple cloth, and putting away the Agnus Dei sacramental. The statues will be uncovered on Easter Sunday morning and the Agnus Dei will be enthroned above the entrance in the hallway.

When I tucked our four-year old in, she started to cry. I asked her why, and she explained it was because she didn’t get to kiss the “Blessed Mudder” good-bye and she won’t get to see her again until Easter. We uncovered her long enough for Madeline to plant a big smooch right on her face.
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[FONT=Arial]Would to God we all kept that innocence – to burst into tears at the thought we might not get to see the Good Lord or the Blessed Mother and that we didn’t get to kiss them good-bye …[/FONT]

We don’t cover our statues until Holy week.

That’s so sweet!!!

Thats absolutely adorable not many kids have that kind of mindset your raising her right. Great Job and God Bless you And you family.

That is so sweet…from the mouths of babes…

Awwwwww, that’s so cute!! :stuck_out_tongue:
God bless her!


What a rip… I got nothing special, especially this bone-marrow and artichoke soup. :thumbsup:

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