Marge Simpson ridiculing Catholics

Halloween episode. Bart is the “Chosen One.” Marge says, “What kind of people would eat their savior?”

As soon as I saw the title of your thread, I thought, OH! I just read that on Catholic League’s site:D

Don’t think too much about it. I once enjoyed Simpsons, but not anymore of course. The more who hate us, the more we are justified, and the closer we are to heaven (like Jesus said in the beatitude on my signature) :smiley:

Groening needed to do SOMETHING to get his “leftist in good standing” card back after the older “Once you go Vatican, you never go back” episode! :smiley:

It’s the Simpsons. They make fun of everybody. Ignore.

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(Right!) Ans.: The humble ones.

Perhaps we all need to pray for Marge Simpson. After twenty-some years as a beloved television star and Sunday night icon, I believe that she is beginning a downhill slide into a lifestyle of sin and self-destruction. So many stars have done this; e.g., Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, etc. Ms. Simpson is in danger of losing her life and possibly her soul, as so many have before her.

Not only is she making insulting statements on the air about the Catholic Church, the Church that her husband and son considered joining a few years back, but she will be posing nude in Playboy Magazine (not sure which issue–possibly the November issue? Google it.). Even though Ms. Simpson has had three children, she is still a beautiful woman with a stunning figure. For a while, she was the CEO of a successful women’s workout and fitness franchise. Perhaps her agreement with Hugh Hefner to pose in Playboy is a desperate attempt by Ms. Simpson to hang onto her youth and beauty forever.

Ms. Simpson has dealt successfully with a gambling problem in the past. Perhaps the stress of staying on the wagon has gotten to her, and she is dealing inappropriately with her gambling addiction by becoming addicted to the forbidden thrills of blasphemy and lewdness. Perhaps it’s time for Ms. Simpson to return to therapy and rehab and re-learn constructive ways to stay gamble-free.

Of course, having an alcoholic husband is definitely a major stressor for Ms. Simpson. Alcoholism really upsets family dynamics. I would suggest that Ms. Simpson become involved with Al-Anon.

At any rate, Ms. Simpson’s fans can only pray and hope that she will awaken to the danger and pull herself up by her own beehive. She has so much to live for. We’re pulling for you, Marge! You can do it. Cowabunga.

:slight_smile: This reminds me why I have not had a T.V. hooked up to antenna, cable or satilite in over 15 years :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard to sacrifice the enjoyment you might gain from shows like the Simpsons but I think you should not ignore such explicit blasphemy. That might make you sound unpopular, nay, a loon amongst your friends but sometimes we need to put our head above the parapet and risk the scorn and alienation of our peers for the defence of the despised of Calvary who we worship.

I think what he’s trying to say is you can’t expect comedies to cater to just one type of audience. I find making fun of everybody as a tactic that seems to always keep your show from getting one-sided scorn.

Would you say that Catholics should just receive these things with a rye smile? Does voicing concern propel one into the realm of nutty freak? I am not sure I can pretend to be anything other than concerned by events in the Simpsons…especially the playboy thing…

Maybe y’all need to spend as much time developing y’all’s sense of humor as you’ve apparently have in developing your sense of moral outrage.

It was a joke. Either laugh, or not.

Warped logic on show here. You can find something funny/clever/witty (although personally I find the Simpson’s ticks none of those boxes) but you can still object to the content. You just have to weigh up which is more important laughing or execising good counsel.


Does voicing concern propel one into the realm of nutty freak? That was just a genuine question. I am not suggesting you have inferred anything before

Very funny, Cat. :wink:

:rotfl: You are funnier than the Simpsons. No excuses though - what kind of woman lets her kids watch Itchy and Scratchy?

How are Catholics being ridiculed ? Belief that the deity is eaten in a sacred meal is hardly peculiar to Catholicism.

Catholics seem to have no objection to ridiculing others - they deserve no sympathy. :mad:

Let’s me explain with his analogy.

Humor is like an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. The one owning the buffet has to make all different types of foods for different kinds of tastes (e.g. meat eaters, vegans, sweet-tooths).

Obviously, when you enter, you cannot tell the owner to stop serving a food you dislike when there are other people who like it. If you do that and you force the restaurant to cater only to your particular taste (like if you’re a sweet tooth for instance) it wouldn’t be an All-You-Can-Eat buffet anymore but something a cake buffet.

It’s the same with humor. Frankly, I’d prefer a show that makes fun of everybody so that nobody would feel exceptional or picked on that one that is biased and one-sided (e.g. Family Guy).

Re: Cat’s previous reply

Best. Post. Ever.

Hmm, just Googled “What kind of civilized people eat the body and blood of their savior?” and this came up on

Factual errors: Marge asks, “what kind of civilized people eat the body and blood of their savior?” Cut to Rev. Lovejoy, who becomes uncomfortable as the punchline of this jab, apparently as one who believes this. Reverend Lovejoy is a Protestant, not a Catholic, and thus would not believe that the bread and wine of Christian communion are anything more than reminders of the ultimate atoning sacrifice of Christ (See 1 Corinthians 11:23-26). Catholics and E. Orthodox traditions tend to be the proponents of transubstantiation, believing the bread and wine actually become Christ’s flesh and blood. This is a 12th century idea not found in scripture, thus would not be believed by Rev. Lovejoy.

Anyone got an IMDB account to remedy this?

Have the Simpsons ever poked fun at Scientology? I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think any show is truly an “equal opportunity offender”. There’s always some group that gets a free pass while other groups take more than their share of jabs.

I’ve never seen a Catholic TV show that ridicules anyone.

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