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Hi, I seem to remember that one of the Marian apparitions prophesied that a ‘Northern nation’ would convert and receive the faith. Can anyone point me to the source? If so, what do you make of that prophecy? Any signs of it coming true?


Isn’t that Fatima and Russia?


I believe that La Salette said that a northern island nation, usually thought to be England, would be converted near the end of the world.
You can read more about the Apparition here:


Hey, thanks for that GeorgeSword. :slight_smile: I thought it was La Salette, but I can’t find the reference to the ‘Northern island nation’ on the website that you kindly linked to. Would you happen to know of a source that mentions this explicitly?

Thanks also, Thistle ;). I understand that Russia has a special place in divine providence (see also the work on Vladimir Soloviev) but I was thinking of another, earlier prophecy,


Hmm, I’m sorry, I thought it did. I did a quick search and managed to pull up a decent looking blog entry, though I’m not sure how reliable it all is, it gives what looks like a good overview of the highly confusing events…


Great, okay, so, what do you make of this concatenation of events:

  1. The Venerable John Henry Newman is received into full communion with “the One True Fold of the Redeemer” in late 1845. Early in 1846 he leaves his beloved Oxford and Littlemore for Oscott, Birmingham, which he later renames Maryvale.

  2. By September 1846, Newman is in ***France ***en route to Rome to be ordained as a Catholic priest.

  3. On September 19, 1846 the Mother of God appears in ***France ***to the two little shepherds, Maxim and Melanie, in the apparition that comes be known as Our Lady of La Salette. The Blessed Virgin entrusts Melanie with a series of secrets including that “A Protestant nation in the North shall repent and return to God”.

  4. In April 2008 Newman’s cause for beatification is confirmed by the Vatican.

  5. In September 2009, Pope Benedict XVI announces he will visit the United Kingdom. This is the first official, diplomatic visit of a Pope to Britain since the Reformation, notwithstanding Pope John Paul II’s pastoral visit of 1982.

  6. In October 2009 Pope Benedict announces a new Apostolic Constitution which will allow large numbers of Anglicans to come into full communion with the Church without leaving behind their spiritual patrimony.

This doesn’t mean that England is converted, quite the contrary, but prophesies are always mediated by the experience and awareness of the person receiving them. Is this coincidence, am I reading too much into this, or could we be living through fulfilment of the secret of La Salette? If so, it suggests that we are indeed living in Apocalyptic times.


I am thinking the protestant nation is the U.S. Newman is the singularity that foreshadws fulfillment and the Pope is serving this as a vicarious work following the impulse of the Holy Spirit which opens the protestant door that foreshadows the conversion of the biggest and most protestant nation of the north there ever was.:smiley:

Private revelation reveals future as it pertains to the conditions of the present. It may not be the same future if the conditions in the present changes. The present that is still future has it’s particular future that is a fluxuating reality since we are free agents within it.


Here’s another interesting story from a couple years ago:

Catholics set to pass Anglicans as leading UK church

Btw, there are many other Catholic prophecies about England converting. You can do a search but you might get some unreliable prophecies mixed in. I highly recommend the book Trial, Tribulation and Triumph by Desmond Birch, for all reliable, Church approved sources. God bless.


This is the work of the Lord,

a marvel in our eyes.

This day was made by the Lord; we rejoice and are glad.

Psalm 117


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