Marian Apparitions.

Do you have a “favorite” apparition? Do you feel more inclined or devoted to a particular apparition of Mother? I’ve been researching different approved apparitions. And it’s safe to say I want to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux and plunge my hands into the stream that is Hers. I definitely suggest researching this if you have not already. I am also fond of Our Lady of Guadalupe as I was confirmed in a parish of the same name. Also, the story of St. Juan Diego is so fascinating. I feel, though, I should only be devoted to one image of Mother Mary… am I wrong in thinking this?

Also, what is your “favorite” apparition?

Marian apparitions are, of course, private revelations, and so you may be devoted to whichever you like (provided, of course, that they are not deemed by the Church–either the local authorities or Rome itself–as not being of supernatural origin). There isn’t a limit to this, anymore than there would be a limit to your devotion to Christ under this or that title or in this or that Gospel image. So long as your Marian devotion enhances your knowledge and love of Christ, there can be nothing wrong with it. So on the one hand, don’t get so wrapped up in a multitude of apparitions and devotions that you are more devoted to images than you are to the Divine; on the other, pray and discern and see what enhances your walk with the Lord.


I used to have a special affinity to Lourdes.

I suppose I don’t have a favorite apparition anymore, but the imagery of Our Lady of Grace on the Miraculous Medal given to St. Catherine Laboure has always stuck with me.

Back when I believed in the apparitions I used to like the Guadeloupe apparition best.
I even prayed to Our Lady of Guadeloupe once in a while.
I still love and venerate The most Holy Theotokos of course, but I no longer believe in the apparations.

The reason I think is because it converted pagan Mexico into Christianity so conterary to other apparations it served a greater mission.
Until this day I’m still a lot closer to believing in it than other apparations.

What an unusually common-sense approach to Marian apparitions, with priorities firmly intact. Well said.

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