Marian Apparitions?


are all of the Marian apparations valid…?? i heard the ones in medjugorje werent…


No ! and the one you mentioned is a banned topic…stick to Church approved ones.




Very few are approved.


The Church’s process of approving/disapproving a private revelation is prudent. It does not proclaim an official judgement foolishly. As such, an official judgement on a private revelation never takes place until after the alleged apparition is finished.


sorry i didnt know this topic is banned, why though ?


And its official judgment usually comes though the office of the local Bishop and only states that the alleged apparition is worthy of belief.

Also some alleged apparitions have been ruled against before they are finished due to the nature of the messages. That is in those cases the messages go against Church Teachings.


Discussion of this is not banned topic, just the promotion of the unapproved apparitions is.

Here’s a list.


Here’s a great perspective by Father Edward D. O’Connor, a theology professor from the University of Notre Dame.

Most notably, I quote from the article:

“To out off these graces until they have been officially approved by the Church is in effect to close oneself to them, because it is simply impossible for the Church to investigate them all; and the few that are investigated are seldom approved until long after they have taken place,” writes the prominent theologian.

“Even the prophecies of Scripture were not, at the moment they were given, approved by religious authorities,” he continues. "When Moses heard the Lord speaking from the burning bush; when Isaiah or Ezekiel received their visions; when the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary, or the Lord to St. Paul on the way to Damascus, the recipients had to judge on the spot whether this was from God. If they had postponed their response until the hierarchy gave its imprimatur, the grace of these messages would have been lost.

“To quote Father John Mary: ‘If the shepherds at Bethlehem had waited for the approval of the Temple authorities, they would never have seen the Infant Jesus.’”

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