Marian Consecration AND Opus Dei?


Just curious to know if anyone has any knowledge or experience of someone who has done the total consecration to Jesus through Mary (ala Montfort) who is also connected to Opus Dei.

I will be doing my consecration on Aug 15. But I have also been very drawn to Opus Dei for some time now. I can’t imagine that the two are incompatible, but would just like to see if there is anyone out there who can speak to how the two complement each other.


A number of years ago, I knew someone who did that. We lost touch with each other a bit later, so I don’t know much about how the two complement each other, but I know she did it and it was just fine.



My dear friend

I’m an Opus Dei cooperator near 20 yrs and did this consecration long ago. Opus Dei is very Marian. if something is even slighly anti-Mary you know it’s no good. I’m about as Marian as you will find and my SD from Opus Dei only encourages it. Opus Dei does not restrict you to the works of the founder but encourages all to draw from the great treasures the church and her saints offer. Go for it. Our Blessed Mother never lets any of Her faithful children perish. If your truly devoted to Her you will get to Heaven and She will make you a saint if you desire that too.

May God and your Blessed Mother guide you truly and keep you safe:thumbsup::slight_smile:


That is so encouraging to hear! Thank you!


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