Marian devotion in Puerto Rico


What is the most popular image of Mary in Puerto Rico? I’m in a production of “West Side Story” and the director is needing a Virgin Mary statue for “home altar” in Maria’s apartment. I’m just wondering what the most appropriate image would be.



Any image of Mary will do. Catholics aren’t bound by culture, and Mary is Catholic.


That would be Virgen Santa de la Providencia. Our Lady of Divine Providence.


The only place that I know of where you can buy a statue of **Our Lady of Divine Providence ** (Nuestra Senora de la Divina Providencia) is at which is where I bought my statue from and is inexpensive.|304477|304483|304614|312035&id=301996

The statue is about 6 inches high with a removable crown of stars. Also of note is that Our Lady of Divine Providence is the patroness of Puerto Rico and only recently has a new **national shrine ** been opened in her honor in San Juan. It is HUGE and very beautiful. You can visit the website of the national shrine and contact them if you like for more information on Our Lady.

I hope to visit the shrine later this summer.


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