Marian Devotions

In his book on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort lists a number of the principle devotions practiced in honor of Our Lady, including:

*]Wearing the scapular
*]Reciting either the Little Crown, Little Office, or Little Psalter of Our Lady
*]Singing hymns to her

Currently, the devotions I try to practice on a regular basis include:

*]Saying Morning and Evening Prayer out of Magnificat (I was using the Shorter Christian Prayer, which unfortunately was causing me stumble in certain areas)

*](Almost) Daily Rosary

*]Praying at the Hour of Great Mercy (3 PM)

*]I wear a Miraculous Medal (though I hardly, if ever, pray its little prayer :o)

I think I may start praying the Angelus at 12 noon. I would like to recite the Little Office of Our Lady, but I don’t know if I should replace Morning and Evening Prayer with it. (Plus, is Morning and Evening Prayer just as efficacious as that recited from the actual Divine Office anyway?) Unfortunately I don’t have time for both!

Any suggestions on other devotions I could do? I don’t want to overload myself, especially considering I have such little time as it is – but I kind’ve feel like I could be doing more to keep myself out of trouble!

No one devotion is the principal devotion to Mary, just as no one devotion to Jesus is principal. Some Marian devotions include:

  • Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • Pilgrimage to a Marian shrine
  • Keeping Mary company for fifteen minutes
  • First Saturdays
  • Medals
  • Icons
  • Statues
  • Hymns (like Akathist)
  • Litanies
  • Novenas
  • Chaplets
  • Hail Holy Queen
  • Memorare
  • Supplication to the Queen of the Rosary
  • Devotion to an approved Mary apparition (Fatima and Lourdes)
  • Reparation to Mary
  • Naming your child after Mary
  • Making rosaries, medals, etc.
  • Writing on Mary (like True Devotion to Mary)

And you can honor Mary by honoring her Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Some ways include:

  • Obedience of faith
  • Works of mercy and love
  • Adoration
  • Reparation
  • Thanksgiving
  • Invoking His Mercy
  • Meditation, especially on His Passion
  • Reading the Scriptures
  • Offerings and sacrifices
  • External and internal penance
  • Sacramental penance
  • Frequent Mass and Holy Communion
  • Pilgrimages
  • Defending the Faith
  • Defending the Church
  • Defending the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist
  • Kissing His Wounds, Heart, and Face on the Crucifix
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Visting Jesus in the Tabernacle
  • Benediction
  • Eucharistic congresses
  • Eucharistic processions
  • First Fridays
  • Medals
  • Icons
  • Statues
  • Hymns (like the Psalms)
  • Litanies
  • Novenas
  • Chaplets
  • Indulgences
  • Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus
  • Devotion to the Five Wounds of Jesus
  • Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus
  • Devotion to the Holy Infant
  • Patre Noster
  • Doxology (Gloria Dei and Glory Be)
  • Fatima Decade Prayer
  • Grace before and after meals
  • Making vestments, chalices, or other liturgical items
  • Making crucifixes or other sacramentals
  • Writing on Jesus
  • Writing on the Church
  • Writing on the Faith
  • Writing on the Sacraments, especially the Blessed Sacrament
  • Veneration of His relics
  • Veneration of His angels and His saints

Thanks! I’m trying to look for things to do to get closer to Mary. What a list!


I would not replace Morning and Evening Prayer. Our worship should be primarily directed toward our Lord.
The rosary began as a response to the psalms as prayed by the monks, a practice the peasants of the time did not have time for.
A Marian prayer is recited after Night Prayer, or Compline.
The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary can be prayed after Morning Prayer, as is the practice of the Daughters of Wisdom.
The Magnificat is already a part of Evening Prayer.
Traditional times for praying the Angelus are 6pm, noon, and 6pm.
Since 6am and 6pm are also the traditional times for Morning and Evening Prayer, it makes sense to first incorporate the Angelus into your prayer day at noon.
The tradition at my parish is to pray the rosary before daily Mass at noon. This communal devotion includes The Prayer to Saint Michael and the Angelus.
Saturday has traditionally been consecrated to Mary. It was a day of mourning following the crucifixion. Sometimes I slip away from my practice of praying the entire rosary (all 20 mysteries) on Saturday. I end with the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This comes after learning about the rosary of Loretto which ends with the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
I like the prayer from the Marian Movement of Priests that I add after the Fatima Prayer when praying the Rosary. Come Holy Spirit, Come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse.

That is an awesome devotion you are doing. You could add more if you want to, but don’t overwhelm yourself. If you can stick to what you are doing for every day of the year, and every year, and even if you are doing with distration (giving that you are trying the best you could), you will see the change God works in you.

Keep on praying the daily Rosary. :slight_smile:

I would agree with “don’t overwhelm yourself.” A point made during Cursillo, regardless of where a person is in their prayer life is to start slow. You are in it for the long term.
Using the analogy of exercise, a person who starts out with grandiose expectations soon burns out while the person who starts out small and slowing builds develops a life long habit.
A point made when I was receiving Spiritual Direction, I am not part of a monastic community.

I wish I had more time :frowning:

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