Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception (Divine Mercy Shrine)

I wonder if anyone here follows this order and is on their mailing list. I’ve been disturbed by the fact that they are now positively promoting the so-called “three days of darkness,” telling people how to get ready, etc. Of course, while some unapproved apparitions and even saints have said such a think may be coming, it is not Church teaching and, in fact, no one knows “the hour or the day.” I have lost trust in this order, which previously seemed solid to me, because of this. I will get off their mailing list. Just wondering if others have experience with them.

Can you please provide an example of this? I follow Fr. Calloway (Mostly on social media) and have not seen any such thing from him. I’m also on the MIC mailing list but I do not keep up very well with my mail. Every time I make a donation I get on 50 new mailing lists and read maybe 1/10 of it.

Edited to add, never mind, I searched and found the e-mail.


Yes, I just copied it: I’ll paste it here. Just came today to my e-mail.

Here’s Fr. Alar’s advertisement video on it that seems to be what they’re pushing. PLEASE NOTE, I am posting this so we can talk about the promotional tactic and NOT the unapproved revelation material in it (the Marie Julie Jahenny stuff). As that’s only about 20 seconds of the vid, hopefully we can leave this up to discuss but if someone makes me take it down, I will.

On the one hand, St. Faustina and Bl. Anna Maria Taigi both mention this in their approved revelations, and I would rather hear MIC talk about it than some hinky website where it gets conflated with unapproved private revelations.

On the other hand, he’s pushing the Marie-Julie Jahenny unapproved private revelation like it’s the truth. Then again if I bust him for that, I have to bust Fr. Calloway for promoting Our Lady of America which is also unapproved.

And all he’s doing is telling people go to Mass, pray, and get some blessed candles. Which you can get from MIC by donating to them. He gets a point for promotion. I bet the phones will blow up.

But I can see why you’re uncomfortable about it.

Unfortunately everybody is jumping on the apocalyptic bandwagon these days, including every Catholic I know who’s into prayer and penance, and you can’t blame MIC for wanting to get on board when it involves the Divine Mercy that they’re in charge of promoting.

Yep, I don’t like it. Scare tactic, to me. The whole idea of “having” to have blessed candles, being struck dead if you look out the window, etc. etc. is extremely off putting to me. No thanks, I won’t buy into anything like this that is merely rumor, as “end of world” rumors have come and gone for centuries…

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In his favor, he does say we don’t know the day or the hour.

And St. Faustina’s prayer does say,

Let the omnipotence of Your mercy
shield us from the darts of our salvation’s enemies,
that we may with confidence,
as Your children await Your final coming

  • that day known to You alone.

Lots of people actually are scared about this Three Days of Darkness stuff. (I am not one of them, but maybe when I was 16 I would have been.) The most charitable explanation would be to say the MIC are just trying to make people feel more calm and develop good spiritual habits and better understand St. Faustina’s diary.

I am also on their mailing list. Here’s a live-stream list of the talks he has been giving on the end times. I listened to one hour of the first End Times talk, and heard nothing that was outlandish from him. I didn’t stay for the full 1-1/2 hours - it gets hard to sit that long. Take time to listen if you are interested in this topic. The one thing I liked is that there must be a conversion of the Jews before the second coming. Romans 11:25-29 explains this plainly. So when I heard that, I kinda lost interest, knowing nothing is going to be imminent.

I am in the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Note that what the priest states in the video is that we do not know the day or time of the Second Coming of Christ.

Still, the title of the video is “Are You Prepared for the 3 Days Darkness?” That’s the problem overall–it suggests it is a sure thing. They did not need to do that. They could easily have framed the talk as “The Possible 3 Days Darkness,” or something like that.
They’ve lost credibility in my view.

One practical question about this 3 Days of Darkness belief… so light / fire will be impossible unless from a flame on a blessed candle. How do you light the candle in the first place? Aren’t you kinda in trouble unless you happen to have a home shrine where blessed candles burn 24/7/365 days a year until the 3 days comes? You could try lighting a match to then light the candle, but it wouldn’t do a thing…right? So what am I missing?

We just had a whole thread on this.

I am sure the Lord will provide a way to light the candle by making matches, lighters, etc work. For that matter, I trust the Lord to make my battery-operated, unblessed light work if I need some light.

This is assuming the whole business even happens during my lifetime as advertised in the private revelations, which I am certainly not laying awake concerning myself with.

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The Second Coming is certain, and the video notes the uncertainty on when that is. It (3 days darkness) is a private revelation (from Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, a Secular Trinitarian, born in Tuscany in the late 1700s) so not something one must believe in.

The video notes that Exodus 10 speaks of three days of darkness.

Yes, I know it is a private revelation and not something someone must believe in. That’s the point.

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