Marian Titles and Why Do Catholics Like It?

Although I’m studying about the Virgin titles, I’m still puzzled on the logical basis for some titles that don’t necessarily follow the title ‘Mary the Mother of God’. To some degree, I must ask what are the basis for these ideas because most of them tend to take place in the name of God.

Among the titles, here are some that I don’t get:
*]Queen of All Saints
*]Queen of Angels
*]Queen of Apostles
*]Queen of Confessors
*]Queen of Families
*]Queen of Heaven
*]Queen of Heaven and Earth
*]Queen of Martyrs
*]Queen of Patriarchs
*]Queen of Peace
*]Queen of Prophets
*]Mother of the Eucharist
*]Seat of Wisdom
*]Temple of the Holy Spirit
*]Morning Star
*]Gate of Heaven
*]Splendor of Creation
*]Mediatrix of Grace
*]Advocate of the Oppressed
*]Health of the Sick (OL of the Sick, Lourdes)
*]Refuge of Sinners
*]Joy of God’s Children
*]Our Lady of Supreme Forgiveness

For those who are wishing to defend her, please tell me how these other titles do not violate the first commandment because in many ways, it does sound like you are in some ways putting her on the same level as God.


There is significant debate even among Catholics whether some titles are valid.

Co redemptrix dogmatically defined?
How does Marian devotion save?

The short answer is that we give to Mary a high form of veneration known as hyperdulia - this is related to the dulia or veneration of other saints. Any decent catechism will tell you that Mary is a human being with no divine nature, and even though she is the most revered saint that the Church will ever produce, she is still second to Jesus Christ who is the second person of the Holy Trinity.

It’s a good question, and one I’ve wondered about myself in the past. I’m not able to shed light on all of them, but I discovered that many of them are derived from Old Testament foreshadowings of her role in salvation history.

The one I particularly like, and one that could easily be misunderstood as placing her higher than God, is “Seat of Wisdom”. This is actually referring to how her body was made into a throne upon which the Christ Child was seated–a throne for the King of all Wisdom. What beautiful imagery!

First, you do understand that is is not incumbent upon any Catholic to believe in, or use these terms?

It all has to do with belief regarding the Communion of Saints. That is the sticking point. If you would be so kind, please tell us what you believe regarding the communion of saints that is in the Apostle’s Creed.

Hey Parker,

Mary as the mother of Jesus would be considered the queen, as Jesus was the king (in antiquity the mother of the king was called the queen, as kings often had hundreds of wives). Most of the “queen” titles would stem from this. As for particular queen questions such as “why is she the queen of all saints?” specifically ask (in this particular case the answer is that as we acknowledge Jesus as king we are obligated to recognize that Mary is queen as his mom).

Mother of the Eucharist is easy to understand as Catholics literally believe the Eucharist to be the body and blood of Christ. Mary is Jesus’ mom therefore she is also “Mother of the Eucharist.”

Temple of the Holy Spirit. I would imagine this stems from the fact that the Holy Spirit dwelt within her when Jesus was conceived. I believe this would be similar to the concept that she is the New Ark of the Covenant.

Refuge of Sinners, Advocate of the Oppressed. These two stem from our belief in intercession and Mary’s particular effectiveness in asking her son to do things (wedding feast in Cana). People in a terrible situation often call out to Jesus. Then they also call out to her to talk to him too.

Mediatrix of Grace. Probably the worst sounding one. All it means is that by being a part of the body of Christ in a very effective way she aids Christ in reaching people to their acceptance of him. By aiding man in cooperating with the Grace of God she is a “mediatrix” of grace. The grace is God’s alone, but the body of Christ (church) collectively assists God in this by prayer and example.

I haven’t heard about these other titles and so I can’t really comment about them. Of those listed above,I cannot confirm that they were all used by the Church concerning Mary. I hope this helps.



To understand how Mary is called Queen of Angels, Queen of the Apostles, and ect. one has to look at the Davidic Kings and their descendents. The Mother of the King was called the Queen Mother and ruled at the King’s side. Look at the honor that Bathsheeba the mother of King Solomon was given. And King Solomon did listen to her requests and he set up a throne for her next to him. David was a prefigurement of Christ if you will. Jesus Christ is the King of kings, king of heaven, king of earth, king of all creation, king of the angels… and so forth. Mary is Jesus’s mother and is becuase of this she is called Queen Mother or Queen. It is most fitting that Mary as Mother of God is also called Queen Mother. And what Jesus is king of, she too can be queen of, hence the titles with her as listed as Queen of confessors, ect. I can write a more detailed explanation of this later when I am able to think but wished to address this.

Mother of the Eucharist - Jesus said in John Chapter 6 that he is the bread come down from heaven. Catholics believe that The Eucharist is Jesus, his body and blood, soul and divinity. It follows that since Jesus is the Eucharist, and Mary is the mother of Jesus, then Mary is the Mother of the Eucharist.

Seat of Wisdom - it has been touched on by another post.

Termple of the Holy Spirit- During the angel telling Mary that she would bear a Son who was to be named Jesus, the Angel said that the Spirit of the Most High would overshadow her and she would conceive and bear Jesus. WHere One Divine Person of the Trinity is, there are the other Three. Since she carried Jesus in her womb she also contained the Holy Spirit if you will. She was in perfect union with God and full of grace. When one is in the state of grace, one has the Presence of God within them, ie the Spirit of God. She who is full of grace had the Presence of God and the Spirit tabernacled within her.

Morning Star -

Gate of Heaven - This goes back to her acceptance and her fiat. After the Angel said that she was to bear Jesus she said “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy Word.” It is beacuse of her acceptance out of complete humility and surrender that was to bring Jesus into the world. Becuase of her cooperation with God if you will, she was instrumental in bringing Jesus to the world. Jesus won for us access to heaven by his Sacrifice on the Cross, and Mary is the gate because she accepted to become the Mother of God and participated with her Son in the work of redemption. I am not in any way saying that Mary saves us as in the sense that Jesus saves us by what he did on the Cross.

Splendor of creation - 1. She was and is full of grace and highly favored. 2. She was and is the Mother of God. 3. She was perserved from orginal sin and was immaculate. [Immaculate Conception]. the list could go on and on. Out of all the creatures that God has made and all the people that have lived only she and Jesus were without original sin. Jesus becuase he is God, and Mary was perserved from sin because of God’s Providence and the Merits of her Son. No other human can claim to be without sin and immaculate from birth, this merits this title I believe.

Advocate of the Oppressed - Jesus spoke serveral times in defense of the poor and the needy. If Jesus did so, how can His Mother not do so as well?

Refuge of Sinners [same reasoning applies for Joy of God’s Children] - She truly is our refuge, however it is not her that forgives or remits sins, only God can forgive sins. Yet she as our Mother can and is our refuge for us sinners. We pray and ask her intercession in praying for us. Her intercession is quite powerful and effacacious, yet it is Jesus through His Sacrament of Reconcilliation that forgives sins.

Mediatrix of Grace - This is saying that she is the source of grace, but becuase she cooperated with God and his grace, through her prayers, intercessions, and her merits of her life, she can intercede for us to Jesus for grace.

Our Lady of Supreme Forgiveness - As to this title and the title of Morning Star, I will have to do some more looking on it.

This was a long post and I apologize if there are words that are misspelled and what not. I am tired lol. I hope this helps. Any feedback on this would be quite welcome.

Little One0307

I think the answer is simpler than most of the explanations. Titles like these are common for royalty. Queen Elizabeth goes by many titles:

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Antigua and Barbuda and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.


These titles reflect things Mary does. When I ask for Mary’s prayers as “The Queen of Families” or “Health of the Sick,” that’s like asking for specific help in regard to families or the sick.

Mostly, I think of them as a way of Honoring our Mother.

Mary is the (spiritual) Queen of Heaven and Earth. This particular list could be multiplied quite a bit: Queen of

Mary is also the Queen of decommissioned soviet submarines (although the Church has not formally recognized this title - yet it is true).

*]Mother of the Eucharist

The Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ. This one is easy.

*]Seat of Wisdom

Why would you challenge this title? Was Mary ever unwise? Solomon was given the divine gift of wisdom from God, yet he became a fool.

*]Temple of the Holy Spirit

OK, I’ve never heard of that one. I have no idea what it means.

*]Morning Star

The Morning Star is not a star at all - it is the planet Venus. However, it often appears in the east before the sunrise, and thus proclaims that the sunrise is imminent. Jesus is the sunrise.

*]Gate of Heaven

This is another title I have not heard, and which I would actually disagree with. In last Sunday’s Gospel reading, we heard Jesus refer to himself as “the gate.” As part of the homily (preached by an orthodox Dominican friar) it was pointed out that the symbol of the “gate” was not claimed by anyone in the Church (although the symbolism of the “shepherd” which occurs in this same passage is).

*]Splendor of Creation

Duh. Do you care to offer a more splendid example of creation than the Mother of God? Go on - I dare you.

*]Mediatrix of Grace

Not gonna go there. There are about a million threads here about this topic. And this is not (yet) an approved title for Our Lady.

*]Advocate of the Oppressed

Again, I have never heard of this title, but I cannot find fault in it. Is ANY Saint in heaven NOT an advocate for the oppressed? Do you think that Mary would ignore the petitions of oppressed people? c’mon.

*]Health of the Sick (OL of the Sick, Lourdes)

Again, this is a subject unto itself - not something I would want to discuss as one of several issues in a general-purpose thread. Do you claim that none of the documented miracles of Lourdes are valid? You might want to open a thread to make that absurd assertion (although you might want to search this forum for prior art to discover that your claim is easily disproved).

*]Refuge of Sinners

*]Joy of God’s Children

*]Our Lady of Supreme Forgiveness

Never heard of these (though the second seems pretty obvious). It’s past midnight and I must now go to bed, so somebody else can handle these last three.

Well, I must beg to disagree with david Filmer who posted above: it used to be that Heaven was another way of referring to God, and the gate, or entrance, of Heaven would refer to her being the means by which God the Son entered the world.

LittleOne0307 wrote:

Mediatrix of Grace - This is NOT saying that she is the source of grace, but becuase she cooperated with God and his grace, through her prayers, intercessions, and her merits of her life, she can intercede for us to Jesus for grace.

He wrote it without the capitalized not I pit in, but I think he meant it to be there.

Ah, point well taken - thanks! The good Dominican who preached the homily pointed out that no Bishop or priest calls himself a “gate” (although they do refer to themselves as shepherds or pastors). But he did not extend his homily to include the Blessed Mother, who could, indeed, claim the title of “gate” as the passage by which Jesus entered earthly existence.

With Father’s homily still ringing in my ears, I had neglected to consider this particular case, which is clearly unique in the whole of human history (and which was not really on-topic for Father’s homily).

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