Marian visitations and apparitions, supernatural events in Orthodoxy?

I am fascinated by and very much admire the Orthodox Churches. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about them lately, especially by men like John Meyendorff, Alexander Schmemann and a few others.

But I am such a novice and still have SO MUCH to learn about Orthodoxy…

I have a question for Orthodox brethren in here. Regarding Mary the Roman Catholic Church has so many supernatural events in the last millenium in which she appears i.e. Fatima, Lourdes, Miraculous Medal, etc. I know the Orthodox have a deep love for the Blessed Mother. Could you tell me if there are any such apparitions of Mary or our Risen Lord that are documented and cherished by the Orthodox? Has she appeared in the East to Orthodox in miraculous ways? I know of Zeitun Egypt to Coptics. Any others? I’d love to know more…


The Orthodox Church has a strange understanding of apparitions, revelations, and miracles. For example, one miracle Orthodox believe is that, since Mary was not received in a certain district in Cario, no one can leaven bread or bakery in that district.

Another example is that Orthodox say apparitions cannot speak, because no new revelation can come after Public Revelation. However, in stark contrast to this, they believe that a certain saint gave a Great Revelation - one which I have seen Orthodox hailing and defending even more than they hail and defend the Revelation of God in Jesus Christ, almost as if they put this saint’s revelations above Public Revelation.

Yet another example is that Orthodox don’t understand Catholicism all too well. I don’t know why, but they don’t. They believe that Catholics being led by the Holy Spirit is the same as Mormons making up revelations - i.e., developement of doctrine - and they believe that Catholics must submit to the Pope in place of Christ, rather than Catholics submitting to the Pope in light of the fact that he is a Vicar of Christ. So, when you hear Orthodox talking about Catholic revelations and apparitions, you can be sure, nine times out of ten, they’ll be talking about something that isn’t true. So just a fair warning there.

Are any Orthodox in here going to respond to this??:confused:

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An Orthodox pilgrimage site associated with miracles of the Most Holy Theotokos is Our Lady of Tinos in Greece.

There’s a similar story about Our Lady of Kazan–by no means the only wonder-working Icon of the Theotokos:

These sites should provide leads.

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