Marijuana and Masturbation


Hello! I am a new convert. I was just confirmed on Saturday. I had a few questions about marijuana and masturbation, actually.

First, I am not a heavy marijuana user. In fact, I just only used it for he first time in two months,today. However, I did not get high. I didn’t even get a buzz nor was that my goal. I had an extremely bad migraine along with nausea.I tried multiple methods to get rid of it, like taking a nap, using peppermint oil and taking pain relievers. None of those worked, so, as a last resort, I smoke a small amount of weed. It did help ease the pain, but I avoided smoking enough to actually get high. Did I commit a mortal sin or venial? Is it a sin, at all since I used it to help with extreme pain? Is medical marijuana a sin, as well? Even for those who it drastically improves their standard of life?

My next topic is masturbation. I’ve read many upon many things about why Catholics believe it to be a sin, but one major reason I found is that it steals from your spouse because you’re withholding sex. I can not find the specific question anywhere. If I am not married, does that knock down the severity of the sin? I am not withholding from anyone and I do not see myself getting married anytime soon. I would need a boyfriend, to begin with. And, in my personal life, it has prevented me from hooking up with guys. I find that taking away the ability to satisfy my urges myself will lead my to have premarital sex.


Intercourse is for marriage to.create children.

Intercourse outside of marriage, or masturbation for fun is a mortal sin if done deliberately, with full knowledge and freedom.
Which means you end up in hell if you die without confessing this.

Because only a married mother and father are supposed to have intercourse to CREATE babies.

Human beings are not animals.

Virginity is no burden, its a great joy. It becomes quite easy with God’s help.

Masturbation causes impure thoughts, even temptations of fornication, sodomy, bestiality, adultery, incest, towards all others.

Doing a sin in private to stop you doing a sin with someone else? Its still a sin. And satan can use it to lure you to fornication. Sinning is never right.

Each act is a mortal sin with an eternal punishment in Hell.



I smoke medical marijuana and I find it to promote love, especially my love for God. I cannot imagine what I’m doing to be sinful, even if I did not have a prescription for it. I think a lot of it comes down to intentions: Wanting to get high vs wanting to feel love towards God.


Medical marijuana is not a sin (if you are certified for it). If you are not certified or you have gotten it in any illegal manner then that would be considered a sin.

God bless!



The twist is that I’m supposed to be taking this medication for several mental disorders but I find myself using it so I can better love God, which goes beyond what it was prescribed for.


This is not quite right, actually. A mortal sin requires grave matter, full knowledge, and free consent of the will. There is no “objective mortal sin,” as such; a sin can be an objectively grave matter, but whether or not a sin is mortal depends upon the culpability of the person for the act. The Catechism even indicates that culpability can be lessened for this sin:

2352 By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure. "Both the Magisterium of the Church, in the course of a constant tradition, and the moral sense of the faithful have been in no doubt and have firmly maintained that** masturbation is an intrinsically and gravely disordered action.**"138 “The deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose.” For here sexual pleasure is sought outside of "the sexual relationship which is demanded by the moral order and in which the total meaning of mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love is achieved."139

To form an equitable judgment about the subjects’ moral responsibility and to guide pastoral action, one must take into account the affective immaturity, force of acquired habit, conditions of anxiety or other psychological or social factors that lessen, if not even reduce to a minimum, moral culpability.

Yes, masturbation is an intrinsically disordered act, since it goes against what the sexual faculty is intended for. No, it is not always a mortal sin. That always depends upon the subject’s relative culpability for the action, which can be mitigated by certain factors. It is still a sin, and a very bad habit to fall into. But it is not the case that it is always a mortal sin and thus always punishable by hellfire.



Yes all three conditions are necessary for it to be a mortal sin.
But: the Law of God is written on our hearts.

If the questioner knew it was morally evil (and deliberately and freely committed masturbation) = mortal sin.

The questioner now has full knowledge that masturbation is grave matter. As of now, if the questioner commits masturbation with this full knowledge, deliberately, and freely, its a mortal sin.

Is masturbation ok? No.
Should we avoid it completely? Yes.

Is it a mortal sin if we masturbate with full knowledge that its grave matter, deliberately and freely? Yes.

Has each mortal sin an an eternal punishment in hell if they are not confessed? Yes.


Masturbation is always a sin of grave matter: whether or not you’re married doesn’t have an effect on its morality. I can conceive just as much harm that it does to yourself as a single person as I can conceive the harm it can deal in a marriage.

Ceasing masturbation will not improve your odds of having premarital sex, but masturbating - which is already a sin by itself - will improve your odds at having premarital sex. The way selfish desires operate is that the more you gratify yourself with them, the more you are going to want them, and in a higher dose. A self-stimulated orgasm is going to make you want, more and more, the real deal. You’re also habituating your body to immediately respond to any impulses.

Living in purity seems incomprehensible to a person that first commits to it, which is why undertaking it is a matter of faith & trust in God, rather than in your own power. For a person that has habituated themselves to it, the idea of never gratifying yourself almost seems analogous to denying yourself oxygen.

  1. Purity is not about repression, and 2) Purity isn’t something that you achieve; it is something that you receive. If you daily ask God in humility for the divine aid to overcome, then you will receive it. Direct your passions elsewhere, such as towards Jesus and Mary, and the people around you. You have a husband that lives in Heaven, as well as in the tabernacle, as well as inside of you, who is in love with you and literally was tortured to death for your sake. He is a good listener 100% of the time, he will never cheat on you, and his favorite hobby is to make you happy. Remind yourself of that, be faithful to him, and show him how much you love him through your struggles. I 100% promise you that if you endeavor to obey him, it will not make you a less happy person. It will open up countless new frontiers in your life.


It’s probably better if you don’t examine the conscience of a stranger on the internet. Just saying.




Based on the above statement: Am I supposed to deny my husband sex now that our children are grown up and gone and I am no longer fertile?


No your are not. Sex during infertile times is not sinful unless the infertility is directly caused during the act or some other circumstance makes sex immoral.


WOW, i don’t know one priest who would condemn a young person in the manner of your post . I see that you are a new Catholic so strict rules and dogma are easy to preach. We are having problems with young people leaving the Faith and rule driven hellfire and brimstone answers tend to exacerbate the problem. Kids who are not very familiar with the CCC will not equate masturbation or sex outside of marriage to be a mortal sin, especially when they realize that murder has the same consequences. Sometimes you catch more bees with honey rather than vinegar! I’m sure your heart was in the right place , BTW!:rolleyes:


Thanks, David. I freaked out there for a moment.


no no no. The church recognizes the marital embrace, which strengthens the bond between two married people.
Be at peace.
You should take these questions to your sponsor and your RCIA director. Sometimes people who mean well, can send confusing messages. Not because they are incorrect per se, but because it’s the internet.
Be at peace, and welcome! May you be greatly blessed!


Please do not indulge in this self serving behavior.
God does not ever require artificial stimulation to be close to Him.
You are at great risk. You post a lot about the prince of lies and his influence on the world. The use of illegal drugs is one of his many tricks. Do not fall for this notion that you are getting closer to God through the use of drugs. This is false.
I would strongly advise you to seek out a good spiritual director.


I have quit it many, many times in my life, but I somehow go back to it. I began using it this time because I thought it would help with insomnia, which it does. I hope it helps me with sleep so I can go off of Ambein.

I would also point to the monk’s use of caffeine. They even cultivate it and sell it. Yes, like with the Adderall I’m taking, caffeine causes me to be a listener for God.


Is this idea of restricting sexual intercourse to times when the intent is to create a baby a personal belief of yours? Do you acknowledge that the Church does not teach such a restriction, and in fact recognises purposes for intercourse in addition to procreation?


Equating caffeine with marijuana use just underscores why you can’t stop. You have an addiction. An educated person like yourself should seek to get off this drug. It will NOT energize your spiritual life. Indeed, your physician may be quite disturbed to see that you are mixing this illegal drug with the prescriptions he has approved for your use.
Stop it. Frankly, the rosary puts me to sleep. :rolleyes: Quiet meditation and being truly tired.
Just stop it. If you can’t do it alone, seek the help of your physician.
You “somehow got back to it” because the prince of lies has you believing the ultimate lie.
“just a little bit won’t hurt…it’s for God!”
**Stop today. **


Although I am neutral about moderate marijuana use by adults (same as alcohol as far as I’m concerned - perhaps safer)… do you self-medicate using marijuana, or did your doctor suggest it? If the latter, this is not healthy.

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