Marijuana good or bad?

My husband and I disagree about whether marijuana is morally acceptable as Catholics. He thinks it’s just like alcohol and a few drinks are ok with that. I feel it’s a mind altering illegal (by Federal Law) substance that alters your behavior and inhibits your ability to make moral decisions.

Am I wrong? Should I change with the times? Or stay strong in my belief that it is immoral.

I’ve come to the point to agree to disagree but I feel disgusted and disappointed with his point of view and always thought we were both on the same wavelength as far as our beliefs.

Marijuana is still illegal for me and my profession and I see the negative affects on people that use it. The marijuana of yesterday is no longer the same potency today. It is much stronger and not properly mandated like alcohol. The illegal entities that create these stronger THC are very evil.

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Marijuana is illegal in some countries and even if it is legal it is still bad for one’s health.


Welcome to Catholic Answers Forums! You are likely to get a variety of answers because the folks here, like the folks everywhere, don’t agree, except here people will try to come up with religious arguments that it’s good or bad.

In my opinion, it’s an inhalable (or edible) learning disability. The impairment of cognitive brain function lasts a lot longer than the high, and a lifetime for regular users. So I’m saying it’s unhealthy, destructive, evil, and sinful.

The bigger issue here, in my opinion, is the disagreement between you and your husband. I think you are right and should be firm in your belief that it is wrong, but you love your husband and need to figure out how to handle this with love and charity in the context of your marriage.

I don’t have any experience or specific advice on that, but I hope others here at CAF can offer helpful suggestions.


Smoking marijuana is bad all together it doesnt matter if it’s a natural plant it doesnt mean that it is ok to get high off of it. No drugs, no alcohol,… well alcohol in moderation if your not getting drunk off it and just using it socially. I used to be a big marijuana smoker and then I stopped because it started messing with my head in very a unpleasant way. And some people just get completely stupid when they use I’ve seen it really bad to the point where I didnt know it was possible weed could do such things. Also while we are on this topic synthetic marijuana is also a big no to. I never tried that and dont want to!

My wife and I have the same argument. She’s pro I’m against.

I see your husband’s point that it’s the same concept as alcohol, but from my experience it’s very easy to accidentally become intoxicated from weed. Personally I’d rather not like to live on the knifes edge when it comes to sin.

Through my work I have seen Marijuana destroy so many lives and families. Whether it is illegal or not I would never use or or want to be around anyone who did. Plus it smells absolutely horrible in my opinion.

I think intent goes a long way here too. If someone has terminal cancer and is using it medicinally I don’t really see how that is sinful. But if one is of good health and using it to get high or as an escape from reality, that seems sinful.

Alcohol is also a mind altering drug that alters behavior and impairs moral decision making.

Anyway, marijuana’s a plant. Like many other substances it seems like there are legitimate medical uses.

However, it’s also illegal in many places, and that’s a just law. I’ve not much interest in trying it.

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Recreational marijuana use is not acceptable. Unlike with alcohol where depending on ones tolerance you can have a 1 or a few drinks and your mind not be affected, that is not the case with marijuana. Furthermore the culture around marijuana use is not conducive to Catholic life.

Marijuana has some legitimate medical use, and when used for these purposes under the supervision of a licensed doctor it would not be bad.

I won’t go so far as to say that taking a single hit off a joint is sinful.


You answered your own question.
He thinks
You feel

I presume as with most things in life, it is all about moderation.

I don’t agree that it’s like alcohol. Alcohol can taste good, or go with a good meal. The very purpose of smoking weed is to alter the state of your mind. So I don’t really see how a Catholic can smoke it with a clear conscience.

For example, there’s probably a small enough dose of almost any drug–LSD, heroin, etc that one could do without significantly altering their mind. But then why are you putting harmful chemicals into your body. What other point do drugs have. (Ignoring potential medical uses for the moment. Getting “high” as a secondary result of medication is permissable.)

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If it is to relieve severe pain (cancer or other terminal illnesses) that other pain meds aren’t helping then good if under strict monitoring by doctors. Other wise for recreation NOPE not good.


I haven’t smoked marijuana in over 20 years so I have no idea what it’s like now.

I wonder if they may have developed different types/strains that can be consumed in a similar fashion to alcohol where you can consume a bit and not lose your ability to reason.

I have been around a few people after they have smoked and they certainly weren’t incoherent or belligerent. I’m NOT endorsing the stuff by any means, I just don’t know.

Marijuana is derived from a plant. I assume this plant has been around since long before alcohol and certainly a lot longer by any of the pharmaceuticals.
Is it good or bad? That I cannot safe definitively. I am no doctor and I know next to nothing by the effect it has on the human person.
In college, many of my friends smoked marijuana on a recreational basis. They do not seem to be any worse for it.
Any product, natural or human-made, can be abused. It is what men and women do with things in life, not so much what is out there for them to use.

Yes, and cocaine is from a plant, and heroin is derived from a plant.

Plant sources do not make it good.


It is how people use marijuana and other products, including alcohol, etc.
People can pervert anything.
Marijuana is not bad.
Opium is not bad.
People who abuse these products are who are bad.

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Go w/ your own conscience, if you doubt that Marijuana is
Okay, then it is not of Faith and whatever is not of Faith is
SIN, for YOU. Rom. 14:23

I would back off from that statement. Hate the sin but love the sinner, and all that. I wouldn’t tell a heroin addict that he is bad. He made some bad choices, but he is still a human being, a brother, and the image and likeness of God.

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