Marijuana type Job


I am looking for a new job.
A job that I am interested in is for a bud tender at a shop that dispenses Marijuana among other duties (packaging, dispensing, selling paraphernalia).
I have tried looking at other companies.

would getting a job in this shop be against the Catholic church?


The Pope and the US Bishops have come out against the legalization of marijuana. So, yes, this would be a problem.


Thank you for the clarification!!
I appreciate it!


I would avoid such a job personally.


Doesn’t sound like much of a career. As the grass business expands, all the “bud tending” job will be is opening up cases of pre-packaged grass and loading it on to a display case. Customers brings it up to the register, you can scan it, take the money, and say “thank you come again”.

A job like this doesn’t sound like it commands a wage much above the legal minimum, I think you can do better than that.


No more than working in a liquor store or bar.


The Church teaches that no amount of marijuana can be consumed recreationally. Its only allowed medically. Whereas obviously drinking alcohol is ok, as long as not to the point of excess.

I was going to say here, that I once could’ve gotten a job at Barnes and Noble, but they do sell Oijua boards. So, I figured if someone ever wanted to pay for one with me, I’d have to refuse, and maybe lose my job over it…


You’re gonna have to provide sources, as the closest thing I could find to back up your argument was CCC paragraph 2291, which doesn’t mention marijuana by name.

Why do you think recreational drinking is okay but pot smoking isn’t? Alcohol kills people: I sent a lot of people to the hospital for alcohol poisoning when I was an EMT. I happen to be a medical marijuana user, and smoking pot beyond a certain threshold just puts me to sleep, and I wake up feeling fine. It’s not something everyone should do, but it’s certainly not heroin, prescription opioids, or even alcohol.


As does reckless driving, obesity, carcinogenic foods, etc. But alcohol and, driving, and food are not intrinsically wrong. Only the abuse/excessive use is.


Neither is smoking weed.


That’s not really the same question though. The OP isn’t asking whether it’s ok to recreationally use marijuana. He’s asking whether it’s ok to work at a place that supports the recreational use. So, it’s a much more distant, material cooperation in evil. Whether it is a sufficient form of “formal” cooperation in evil is the question.


How is it evil?


Would it be a problem for someone to work at Walmart, because the country’s leading retailer sells prophylactics?


Geez. Another thread about marijuana.
Has the grow lobby invaded CAF?


I think you’re allowed to if you absolutely cannot get another job, especially if you have a family. We have an obligation to care for ourselves and our loved ones.


The question has been answered. Please do not attempt to deflect from the topic.


I didn’t deflect, and the answer you gave was misleading.


But it IS legal, and so legalities are a non-factor, and so your supposed answer is a non-answer, actually.


Abortion is legal in America as well. Does that make working in an abortion mill fine?


Cranges, where’s Larry??

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