Marijuana use by teens linked with problems in young adulthood


Frequent pot use by teens is linked to a greater likelihood of incomplete education, suicide attempts and other harmful effects, say researchers in Australia and New Zealand, who suggest their findings should be considered as countries move to decriminalize or legalize cannabis . . .

“Study findings suggest that adolescent cannabis use is linked to difficulties in successfully completing the tasks that mark the transition to adulthood,” study author Richard Mattick, a professor of drug and alcohol studies at the University of New South Wales and his co-authors concluded . . .

Nordentoft said the “convincing results” are valuable and appropriate given several U.S. states and countries in Latin America and Europe have decriminalized or legalized cannabis and allow unrestricted marketing of the drug.


It could be the reverse - that kids with problems seek solace from something that is readily accessible: cannabis.

there’s a debate about whether marijuana use is a marker or a cause


Cannabis use is more common among those with low educational attainment, but there’s a debate about whether marijuana use is a marker or a cause. A study published in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry helps to answer some questions.


Here we go again:rolleyes: What worries me about pot is that if you smoke it long enough it will give you COPD otherwise known as emphysema.What qualifies me to make such an bold statement? research and my professional career as a Registered Respiratory therapist.Please keep in mind that their are many other vices out there that are as harmful.


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