Marijuana use linked to heart problems: Study published Tuesday in Journal of the American Heart Association


Young people who use marijuana may be at risk for heart attacks and other serious cardiovascular problems, a new study suggests . . .

"This study shows some preliminary evidence of cardiovascular harm from marijuana but isn’t conclusive,” Dr. Allen Taylor, chief of cardiology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, told CNN in an e-mail. “The study’s limitations are important in that we can’t know how high the risk is, just that there is a signal of risk between marijuana smoking and heart troubles” . . .

Previous research has suggested marijuana use may double the risk of stroke in young adults.

Fresh clean air in your lungs is the best for your health.


This is interesting. It looks like marijuana is not as safe as the advocates claim it is. That could be expected though. All herbs, and I believe marijuana would be classified as an herb, have side effects. Just because something is natural or herbal doesn’t mean its safe. Poison Ivy is natural but it will still give you a bad rash.


I used to take echinacia capsules which are said to be an immune stimulant. I really could not tell if they helped ward off colds and flu, though one day I came across the echinacia plant in the wild, so I took home some leaves and made an infusion (“tea”). Boy, did it ever stimulate my immune system. I got a bad case of hives which I had never had before.


Sadly I think the comments that followed the article that catagorically dump on it, are indicative of the fierce pro-marijuana bias that won’t accept any examination or criticism of their magical golden wonder drug. It’s all justified collateral damage of the sacred and holy ‘weed’, man.


They literally pulled the records of an unknown number of drug addicts and found 35 who both smoked cannabis and died over a 4 year period. I could do that down at the community health center in under an hour. Just because these people happened to smoke pot and have poor heart health doesn’t mean the pot caused the poor heart health. Which is probably why the researchers keep saying they didn’t know anything yet and that they need to do more research. Great way to get funding. Submit a half baked research paper on a hot topic to the media and wait for a job offer or a check.

And, uhhh, we already know pot smoke is bad for you. It’s just like regular smoke. All full of carcinogens. That’s why people are better off vaporizing vs combusting. No smoke. And that’s why portable vaporizers that fit in the palm of your hand are very affordable and easily obtained at local smokers shops, head shops, or the million websites that sell them. It’s a way to indulge without inhaling and holding lung fulls of harmful smoke.


What is the natural reaction of the body to inhaling smoke? Coughing until your lungs are clear. Smoke enough and your bodily defenses give up. Smoking tobacco caused heart problems. Why not pot? We know already it has detrimental effects on the brains of long term users.
But it is so good for you that therapeutic sales have been the thin edge of its legalization.
If you ground down the tusk of Rhinos into a powder…


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