I would like to know what the teaching of the Church is on the use of marijuana in countries where it is legal to smoke, not just for medical reasons.


Hi Jim,

The Church is against it.


I’d say, rather, that the Pope is against it - it is his opinion. Until the Church is also against drinking alcohol, it can’t say legal marijuana is bad. One can get buzzed on a glass of wine or pot brownies - I don’t see a difference.

Amen. I cannot tell you how many people I know who live with lupus, chronic pain, cancer, debilitating insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc… (truly, the list is endless) who are able to function in this world and have a real life because they use cannabis instead of endless plastic bottles of addictive pills.

Cannabis is a gift from God.

As far as recreational use goes, it is a billion times better and safer for both individuals and for society than alcohol that it makes my head spin. We are deeply backwards on the marijuana issue, but that is all changing. Thank you, God.

I haven’t used marijuana in 45 years, but I’m thinking about it now for anxiety. As an ex-smoker, I’m happy to see that it comes in other forms where one can control the dose - don’t want to get the smoking addiction going again!

A recent newspaper article about a local marijuana shop said the owners - all in their 60s - were surprised that the people coming in were around their age, not young people. My adult children have tried it, but don’t care for it. My son - like me - falls asleep. It’s a terribly expensive sleeping potion! :wink:

Marijuana should be tested like any other medicine, approved the FDA and sold in pharmacies, not dispensaries. It is not approved for treating disorders as of this time.

Recreational marijuana has side effects similar to smoking cigarettes and is related to an increase in traffic fatalities.


On the contrary, Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II have spoken against it. These statements are not opinions, they are the truth.


So - the opinion of 2 popes. :wink:

Which is why one is not supposed to drive when using marijuana or drinking alcohol. It’s illegal.

Well-dosed edibles or tinctures of certain strains are the best for anxiety. Trust me on this - I have helped get my 55-year-old cousin who suffers from lupus (a disease that brings great anxiety with it) get off every single pharmaceutical she has been prescribed with th help of cannabis tincture. I feel like I am dong God’s work in helping her. Her life has changed in so many good ways in just 3 short months. And of course, consuming it is better than smoking it from a health standpoint!

Cannabis is an almost perfect medicine. I encourage you to explore it medicinally and I too believe that the Church says nothing official about it in the places where it is legalized. That said, I am not Catholic and will defer to wiser voices than mine on that subject.

God Bless.

The Holy Father is speaking the truth. The truth is not the same as an opinion. It is based on facts and is meant for the faithful and everyone else.


Cannabis a gift from God?

Please. A gift for stoners who want to pickle their brains so their only ambition is to get cookies? That I’d agree to.

I suffer from a medical condition that pot would help. That said, I would never use that junk under any circumstances. God has better uses for me than frying my own brain, even if it would alleviate my own pain.

But opinion still. You might want to check on that - neither pope spoke ex cathedra on the subject.

I use it by prescription for epilepsy and chronic pain. It replaces several more dangerous drugs, and it helps immensely. I agree that it is a gift from God.

As for recreational use, I understand the church’s concerns. It is easily abused, especially because because it doesn’t give you a hangover or make you ill like alcohol. Responsible use shouldn’t be a problem, but it can be difficult to define. I think that the church will eventually come around and approve limited use because they approve alcohol use. One hurdle is that we are not even supposed to get intoxicated on alcohol, and it would be difficult to define and individually determine what is considered too impaired. We’ll have to see how it plays out in coming years. I would be in favor of it being accepted by the church, but it’s not my place to make such decisions for the church.


I might be the last person in NA to have never used, tried or been curious about marijuana. I like my mind and have no interest in fuddling it!


I respect your opinions, edwest2. We do need more testing and as soon as cannabis is removed from its Schedule 1 classification (something I pray Obama will help to do during his last days in office), testing will go gangbusters.

And we will learn what experienced people already know - that cannabis is a wonderful, non-physically addictive medicine that literally grows like a weed in the beautiful Garden that God gave us.

I personally don’t partake of it these days, but it was an absolute Godsend to me when cancer and peri-menopause struck me at the same time 5 years ago.

No one should drive while intoxicated. Fortunately, while too much alcohol has the effect of making a human being think they are just fine to drive (especially if they are in a black-out) :eek:, cannabis has the effect of making people stay right where they are. :thumbsup:

I support your choice not to use cannabis, PolarGuy. I am so sorry you suffer physically. I know how hard that is.

I know doctors, lawyers & Indian Chiefs of all stripes who have smoked daily for decades. The are upstanding, productive members of society - salt of the Earth folks, if you will. The stoner, burnout trope does have some roots in reality on a small scale - especially in those who use it at a young age or to escape psychic and spiritual pain without also digging into the roots of that pain. I am not saying it is completely without risk.

What fries someone’s brain more - chronic pain or cannabis? That’s a good question, I think.

Thank you for sharing this Eddie. My husband has 28 years clean in NA. He was growing and smoking marijuana when he was 10 years old - a response to horrific childhood tragedy and loss. I am glad you have found a path to freedom from whatever addictive demons that tried to devour you.

Little Sheep, I’m sorry to know that so many doctors and lawyers you know are also potheads.

I can only respond that I’ve personally known dozens of inpatients at mental hospitals (who I’ve encountered through my job, a job that I was required to take a drug test to get), all suffering from psychoses, and for whom their doctors have testified in court that the psychoses uniformly stemmed from cannabis use.

Pot is disgusting and I regard pot users poorly.


No demons, here, thank God.

By “NA” I simply meant “in North America”, given that everybody in the society seems to have experience with weed.

My apologies for any confusion and ICXC NIKA.

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