Marilyn Manson concert brings protests

POMONA - Marilyn Manson’s persona is still causing trouble.

The rock veteran’s concert on Tuesday night at the Pomona Fox Theater resulted in an appearance by shouting protesters clad with colorful signs. Most, if not all, of the signs had Christian themes and instructed people to learn about Jesus Christ.

Marilyn Manson, the lead singer in the band of the same name, advocates nonconformity. He has also relied on controversial imagery and explicit lyrical content to become known worldwide. Concert attendees didn’t seem to be too bothered by the protesters. “We think it’s fun,” said Cesar Haro, 19, of Pomona. “We think arguing with these people is cool … but we do think it’s very disrespectful, though. We have the right to be here for what we paid. They’re disrespecting our area and our right to be here.”

Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, is considered by many people to be a bad influence on children. His lyrics often have received criticism for their anti-religious sentiment and their references to sex, violence and drugs. But the controversial lyrics in albums released in the 1990s also increased his popularity. “It’s mostly about the music, when you’re in that age where everything is downhill and that roller coaster,” Haro said. “The music just kind of helps you. The music is like a drug. It might make you cry, but that’s just letting it go. The music helps. He’s a misunderstood artist.”

But Rod Warner, 65, said the protesters call themselves Bible believers. “The only thing I’m out here to accomplish is what the lord, Jesus Christ, through my belief, tells me to accomplish. And that’s take his gospel to the lost,” said Warner, who held a sign saying “Trust Jesus `Repent’ Read The Bible.” “Every shirt you see here depicts nothing but death. They can say they’re Christians if they want to, but the Lord says worship me with your heart not your mouth.”

Don Stewart, 55, handed out cards with Bible verses on the back to concert-goers. “We’ve handed out a lot of these cards,” Stewart said. “We’re just out here being servants.” Dale Parks, 47, held a sign saying “Study and Obey the Bible - Matthew 7:21.” “We’re here to let people know the truth of the gospel,” said Parks, a self-described Christian of no denomination.

Marilyn Manson’s boring. (Thanks for the post though).

What I mean is, if he cannot continue to re-invent himself (think David Bowie), then…over time, people get bored.

Aim for hell, you’ll get your wish. Satan doesn’t even have to be sneaky with this one.

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