Marilyn Manson/the Rapture


My most sincere apologies to all that may find this thread offensive for its purpose is to expose the extreme and graphic Bible interpretations on the “end times” doctrine.

“And everyone, children and parents alike, will suffer. Those that don’t receive the mark, the number of his name, would be decapitated before their families and neighbors,” said Ms. Price, a teacher at Heritage Christian School where Brian Warner/M.M. was a student. At the time, Brian Warner was only twelve years old and such Biblical interpretations frightened him. 

“It was then that I began having nightmares-night mares that continue to this day. I was totally terrified by the idea of the end of the world and the antichrist,” the long hard road out of hell MARILYN MANSON pg 19. 

And just as the “Great Disappointment” of March 1844 (Miller 1782-1849), Marilyn Manson felt deceived. 

“But after a year passed, then another, then another, then another, and the world and Ms. Price and Brian Warner and the prostitutes who were born again were still there, I felt cheated and lied to,” pg 22.

Vatican II invites and accepts the different Christian doctrines to be as one with the Catholic Church. However, the doctrine of the “end times/Rapture” causes, in some people, depression and anxiety; and keeps away the spiritual content of the Bible.


i always thought marilyn manson was a cartoon and was a ‘satanist’ for pay. in my youth i went to two of his concerts, one before he was big and the other when he was big. he was entertaining, not playing the ‘satanist’ card, at the first one even though his band played the same cords over and over. it wasn’t until the second concert that he was ripping pages out of his fake bibles and talking about fascism… he’s a lame guy who appeals to 14 year olds trying to scare their parents even though i doubt kids know who he is today.


Oh I wish they didnt! It would make it easier on Goths, most of which don’t fit the steryotype he is poster boy for. The Reverend Marilyn Manson of the Church of Satan did and still does define how society sees Goths, and he is just as “popular” as ever. Remember Columbine? Guess who they blamed…

I am a fan of his, I wasn’t for a long time, but when it boils down I understand that he speaks to the younger goths, and often introduces them to our culture. (WHICH ISN’T A BAD THING!!!) And although he is the primary reason we’re misunderstood and labeled so objectively, he’s just as misunderstood.

So…Props to the Rev and I wish he’s convert to Catholicism already yeesh.


Im not trying to be thick but is Manson converting to a Catholic?

and the article is saying he understood a teacher speak about the rapture and end times and it horrified him for yrs. ??



No, but I wish he would. Hell will freeze over before it happens thoguh.



and so whats with the other part about end times, sounds like a *story to me.:rolleyes:


haha, i guess when anton lavey wasn’t selling ‘priesthoods’ to his church he just gave them away to musicians… but the CoS was all about greed and money anyway, as Laveys own daughter Zeena has made clear plenty of times.
Goths are nothing more than a fad. the goths back when i was growing up are now working at the record store or selling coffee here and aren’t goth anymore. it’s not really something you can “be” in your 20s. gotta conform sometime i suppose. i can see how one can be a catholic for life but goth for life…?
so anyway, how can you be a fan of marilyn manson and his anti-christ/christianity message and a catholic at the same time?


Then they were not really Goths, Goth is not just a fad, for many it is a lifestyle. I suspect people like Johny Cash, were Goth lifers before it was cool. (Loved his NIN take on hurt BTW).

I like the way Anne Rice put it: Darkness never really goes away once you’ve seen it. You just learn to see the light in darkness.In fact, once you’ve seen the darkness, the light is brighter

A goth is a person who is aware of all the shades of life, my fabric is very rich. And black for me is a color I feel very comfortable and safe in. it is the culmination of all colors.


Goth is so much more then a fad. it’s not about clothes or music or art or literature, those come with the terrority so to speak, it is first and formost about the soul. A Goth soul is one that sets it’s self apart, shouds it’s self in mystery, and estabishes it’s self as it’s own.

Marilyn Manson is free to belive whatever he wants.“I’m not a slave to a god that doesn’t exist.” I don’t know about everyone else but half the time I feel like Catholics and Protestants pray to different gods. So when I listen to that song the first thing I think about is that I’m not bound by the Protestant version of god, I don’t have to listen to them. Thats the fun thing about music, you can interpt it anyway you like. One of my favorite songs by HIM happens to have the line “Theoretic sheild beyond divine,prayer to a god whose deaf and blind.” Now, Ville Valo hates the Vatican, but that’s fine with me, HIM still has a catholic feel within it’s music. The 69eyes have a song entitled “Sisters of Charity” and I love the line “Decay of the West, the Rule of Benidict” because to me it mimics what is happening in the world today. Music is what you make it. Lyrics can be intrupted differently.


Dont forget the Truth and Christ are the same. You cannot find Christ here and Truth over there.

God leaves His prints all over, if someone like Manson states something that is True. Only means hes noticed Christ, Marilyn probably doent recognize Him, thats all, but he noticed.

as Christians, we just need to be aware of that and can even claim that Truth because it is our Lord and Hes more places than any of us know, We just didnt notice.


until i see goths in their 70s i will not cease calling it a fad.
by the way, how old are both of you and how long have you been in “the scene”?


16, three years, Goth is not “scene”


Older than him lol, since his age, and ditto, Goth is not a scene. Wanted to add, I am a paralegal, black is perfect for court, and most lawyers are blood sucking vampires anyway…works for me!

I was born like this. I also hated the peachy pastels my mother put me.

Once at the age of seven I made pinholes in the eyes of my life sized doll, stuck a flashlight behind her head, stood her with outstretched arms over my horrible sleeping brothers, and scared the you know what out of them.

In the third grade my Halloween story was met with enough concern that a note was sent home to my parents.

I should have been Stephen King’s kid. lol


Hummmmmm, or maybe I was born to be a blood sucking lawyer?




OOOps, lol!

Also wanted to add, my aunt and uncle were hippies as kids, and you know what, they are still hippies. I think she goes by Peace Keeper now. :stuck_out_tongue: Some things are a way of life.


On the topic of the Rapture, I have to say I was distressed at the generally disproportionate emphasis on end times formulas in Evangelicalism even before I became convinced of the truth of the Catholic Church. There always seemed to be an undue emphasis on and preoccupation with the lurid and the spectacular surrounding eschatological events (the Left Behind series, for just the most prominent example).
Amongst a host of other things, I will always be grateful to my old pastor for instilling in me the proper perspective on the book of Revelation. As a student in high school studying Revelation, I decided to listen to a series of sermons by him on the book. At the very outset of the first sermon, he gave heavy empasis to the primacy of Jesus Christ. Over and above the relative incidentals of weeks, witnesses, beasts and false prophets, Jesus is the focal point of all events, and the glorious hope that eclipses the darkness unworthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us who wait for His appearing.
So many Christians consume so much time perpetually wide-eyed over such minutiae as the reintroduction of the red heifer into Israel, and all that indicates about the reestablishment of the priesthood, etc., etc. Isn’t it all terribly exciting? Well, perhaps. But let me suggest something else. Isn’t it exciting that God has condescended to us sinners to such an extent that He communicates Himself to as many as choose to draw near to Him in the simplest of elements? Isn’t it exciting that He has poured out His Spirit without measure in His Church to truly give us all things that pertain to life and godliness? And isn’t it exciting and most necessary that He calls us to live sacramentally as salt and light in the world in the daily practice of the virtues of faith, hope, and charity?
And perhaps, just perhaps, emphasizing the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ and the present intimate enjoyment thereof might serve our young Marilyn Mansons much better than the Christian equivalent of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?


Howdy everyone, I am what you would call a “Mansonite” or a follower of Marilyn Manson, And alot of people say hesw a satanist and hes the anti-christ and all that but really think about things for a second, He beleives in god, just not the god that the media creates. He is not a satanist altho yes he is a reverend in the church of satan, but that doesnt mean hes a satanist, and really he just does what he does so that he can make people realise what the world is really like.

ps. i say he isnt the anti-christ beacause well. i got bored one day and looked at my name…which is Robert Keegan Connor 6 letters each name, andddd my name means “The Firey One” yeah think about it :), yeah im not the anti-christ…altho people do call me it. anyways thanks for taking the time to read this and please dont try and convert me, i wont try to make you a wiccan if you dont try n make me catholic :slight_smile: Have Nice Day, Blessed Be


If Goth isn’t a “scene” what is it? And…how does it glorify God?


I’m not an MM fan, but he isn’t satanic. He’s just very, very bitter about society’s and the media’s bad and false virtues. He just often gives the impression that he hates God and the like because of his extreme symbolism.

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