Marilyn Manson

Please tell me all you know about Marilyn Manson because my daughter is listiining to him and im concerned that he may be a creep.

…He is somewhat controversial, to say the least.

Is any of this true?

I’d be concerned. He’s done quite a few public disgusting things I’ve heard about. The quick and easy answer is throw all of his music out. He is a creep.

I personally do listen to Manson. That being said he himself is a creepy, but i do enjoy some of the music. I wouldn’t be to concerned unless she starts believing in the what he says regardless if you forbid her from listening to his music it will probably make her want to listen to it more.You may however want to limit her viewing of his music videos and public performances as there are a lot of morally questionable things there. My best advice would just be to pay attention to her excpecially if she is a younger teen. In my opinion the music itself is not harmful (unless you interpret it the way Manson wishes) but a lot of what Manson says is anti- religion in general.

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P.S I can recommend Skillet as a Christian Rock Band but they are not that similar to Manson but if your daughter listening to Manson really bothers you they could be an alternative.

Pray for me; often when I cry to heaven for help it is when I feel most abandoned. But when I turn to God and his saints and thank them notwithstanding. I believe they want to see how far I shall trust them. But the words of Job have not entered my heart in vain: “Even if God should kill me, I would still trust him” (Job13:15)

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Pretty much he goes always for the shock value. He’s not that talented and the music is not the best quality. There are much more talented artists out there in the rock genre that would be a better choice.

I’ve been hammering into my teen son’s head to RUN from any music that seems evil/satanic. I make a very big deal about how powerful music is and how Satan can corrupt people through some of this dark music. It’s almost impossible to monitor everything teens listen to, but it is possible to give them a good conscience about it. I have forbidden my son from ever listening to Slipknot and will add to the “forbidden” list as it becomes necessary.

He’s garbage. You need to introduce your daughter to some better music.

As far as that website, I didn’t go using your link so what they say MAY or MAY NOT be true. But with that said, I recognize the root and remember they’re very anti-catholic. and majorly judgemental of EVERYTHING.

Ew . . . “Eat Me, Drink Me” tour? “Cruci-Fiction in Space”? A three-headed Christ painted on an embalmer’s table entitled “Trismegistus”? (That last one I might possibly be able to redeem, but I doubt Manson intended it that way.)

That’s just from Wikipedia. He just sounds ridiculous, and bent on shocking people for a living.

Thanks for sharing. :eek: :eek: Just added him to Mom’s FORBIDDEN ARTISTS list. :eek:

I don’t think even he believes in the message he’s sending with his “music”-he just knows shock value pays the bills, and seems like a regular dude outside of the scene.

Still, I try to avoid all his stuff at all costs… is NOT a reliable website. They are extremely anti-Catholic and they subscribe to all sorts of conspiracy theories. I would not use them as a source of information even if it were to simply say that the sky is blue. Quite simply, you cannot trust anything they say. Believe me, I normally subscribe to the “even-a-broken-clock-is-right-twice-a-day” school of thought by extending the benefit of the doubt to groups that I believe are wrong on one issue (because I believe that it is possible for people to be wrong about some things, but right about other things). But with this website, I make an exception.

Marilyn Manson is a shock performer. Is he creepy? Definitely! Would I encourage people to listen to him? Not at all. But is he the antichrist? Is he satanic? I don’t think so. He’s basically an amped up, tactless version of those who came before him (Alice Cooper, etc.). He’s created an image that sells and that’s what he’s trying to do: sell music.

As a parent, I might be concerned with a fixation on Marylin Manson, not because Manson is going to brainwash kids into worshipping satan, but because it may be a symptom of an excessive fascination with the macabre. If the kid is simply listening to it because one or two songs seem cool, that’s one thing. If the kid never smiles and is wearing black lipstick, that’s another!

In any case, one needs to be careful with the approach. If you simply go to your kid, say, “I forbid you to listen to it; it’s satanic”, it might not work out the way you want it to.

Marilyn Mansion is an ordained preacher in Satanism, just an FYI. That said, he’s an extremely talented artist who could’ve done great things if his life hadn’t been so screwed up by the proverbial sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.

A lot of his earlier stuff deals with addiction and loss of faith, for example. He was Trent Reznor’s protege (Trent Reznor IS Nine Inch Nails) and a lot of his influence comes from Reznor. Both had A LOT of substance problems that mar so many people’s lives when they can’t see the point of life and living.

Do you have a source on this?

In my experience, most of the “biting-heads-off-chickens” type of things turn out to be urban legends.

It was on one of those E! or True Hollywood or Generic Celebrity Show things.

There was a picture of him with that guy who’s the head of the American Satanist church thing, followed by a video of him ripping out the pages of a Bible onstage.

Ah, so it was a very trustworthy news source. :wink:

Sounds like a publicity stunt.

I have no problem with a great deal of heavy metal or rock, including those bete noires of fundamentalism Led Zeppelin. However quite frankly Manson does not have a great deal of talent, his ex-guitarist John Seven is far more talented than he is I would say. Shock value has always been a part of rock music, but Manson has taken that to a level where there is nothing beyond the shock value.

I’ll post a verse from my own personal musical hero below, I think a few of you here will be able to guess who it’s by without using google. I do it just to illustrate it is possible to have rock music that actually attempts to deal with issues of faith in some sense beyond the deliberate attempt to goad that is Manson’s trademark:-

Well, I see hands and attesting faces
Reachin’ up but not quite touching the promised land
Well, I taste tears and a whole lot of precious years wasted
Saying ‘lord please give us a helping hand’
Lord lord lord
Lord, there’s got to be some changes
Lord lord lord
Gonna be a whole lot of re-arranges

I don’t mind rock or any other musicians who disagree with Christianity though, it’s possible however to do it in shall we say a slightly more stylish manner than Mr. Manson.

Marilyn Manson falls into that 80s heavy metal genre which were big on Satanic messages

there were a lot back then. there maybe a lot today, i may be just a bit out of touch being much older now :shrug:

but if your daughter wants to listen to rock music, there’s a lot of better songs and artists out there today. or maybe heavy metal is just a thing for teenagers because of the teen angst thing. i know i tried to get into it when i was much younger because everyone in highschool was into them. but i grew out of it quickly and preferred more mainstream rock music

Theodore Sturgeon’s law applies to heavy metal as much as anything. Most of it and most of everything else is junk. Of course what one person thinks is junk and what I think is gold may differ:)

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