Marine Le Pen says France should seek to renegotiate EU membership


**Marine Le Pen says France should seek to renegotiate EU membership

Front National chief Marine Le Pen has said she would not wish to see France leave the European Union straight away if she came to power but instead would seek to negotiate with the bloc in a bid to reinstate French sovereignty.

The far-right leader also called for Europe to retain the euro, championing the need for the single currency even if France withdraws from the eurozone, in a marked softening of her infamously anti-EU stance.

In an interview with BFMTV, Ms Le Pen outlined her vision should she be elected leader of the Republic in the presidential elections in May.

Interviewer Jean-Jacques Bourdin asked Ms Le Pen outright: “Do you wish for France to leave the European Union? So that things are clear, I’m asking you directly - yes or no?”

Ms Le Pen replied: “No, I think we need to renegotiate with the EU because I want to see French sovereignty restored in France, supported by a referendum.”…

Many believe any shift in attitude comes from a desire to bolster the party’s popularity and broaden its appeal, with polls citing a total withdrawal from the eurozone as an unpopular option for many voters.

Dr Joseph Downing, fellow at France’s National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), believes any softening could potentially jeopardise her popularity as an “anti-establishment” candidate…

Ms Le Pen also stated a national currency and a common currency could potentially exist concurrently, hinting at a possible return to the European Currency Unit (ECU), a basket of European currencies that existed as a precursor to the euro.

“A national currency, with the Euro as a common currency - that wouldn’t bother me,” she said.



Here we go again?


Go get 'em Le Pen. Vive la France! :slight_smile:


Good. It is a sinking ship.


I remember when France pulled out of NATO in the early '60s. One of my band-mates was rigorously pro-France, and would even stick a French flag on his music stand :smiley:


Have you have any contact with them since Nicolas Sarkozy rejoined the alliance? A white flag dangling off the instrument? :smiley:



I’ve reconnected with some of them, but not with this particular guy.


Actually, she’s moderated her tone remarkably.

She said in my OP “No,” to the straight question, “Do you want France to leave the EU?”

Now, Le Pen - in a pitch to appeal to more mainstream voters - says that she just wants to “renegotiate” the terms of France’s membership, not actually leave. And she would like to keep the Euro as a common currency!

That’s an absolutely remarkable toning down of her normally hard Eurosceptic stance.


Were the French not the very ones that got the whole EU thing started?


Yes - Servant of God Robert Schuman, one-time Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of France, was the first major politician to propose creating the supranational, pan-European institutions that became the basis of the EU, in 1950. These - an executive “High Authority” over the states composed of independent appointees checked by a parliamentary assembly made up of elected parliamentarians, a Council comprised of ministers, and a Court of Justice - were brought into force the following year in 1951 by the Treaty of Paris.

These institutions still exist today in fully evolved form as the Commission, Parliament, Council and judiciary (High Court) of the EU.

He was supported in this endeavour by the Chancellor of West Germany, Konrad Adenaeur, and a host of other leaders from Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands who formed the original “Inner Six” nations.

And the French still support EU membership and the Euro by a clear margin, hence why Le Pen has decided to significantly moderate her Euroscepticism as we approach the last months of the presidential race.

Obviously, she’s received advice from aides to change tack.

For some reason, posters above appear to have missed this premise of the article - that Marine - who called herself “Madame Frexit” - no longer advocates a Frexit. She would prefer to “renegotiate” membership now within the EU. :shrug:


A common currency is creating a lot of problems. Greece and Germany have two very different economies. Similarly with France and Germany.


Watching the comedy show over ‘la Manche’ might be something of a salutary experience.


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