Marine Le Pen should be barred from UK, says Vote Leave


**Marine Le Pen should be barred from UK, says Vote Leave

A senior figure in the campaign for UK exit from the EU has urged the Home Office to bar French far right leader Marine Le Pen from visiting Britain.

Vote Leave co-chairman Gisela Stuart said Ms Le Pen held “divisive and inflammatory” views and her visit would not be “conducive to the public good”.

The president of the French National Front, who backs Brexit, is expected to travel to the UK in the next few weeks.**

The Home Secretary told the BBC she does not comment on individual cases.

Ms Le Pen has said she intends to speak in favour of Britain leaving the EU and wants France, like the UK, to hold a referendum on leaving.

In a letter to Home Secretary Theresa May sent on Friday, Ms Stuart said the National Front leader “has previously made many divisive and inflammatory comments, including comparing Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation of France”.

“Accordingly, I urge you to exercise your powers under immigration legislation to refuse her admission into the country if and when she attempts to visit the UK.”

Ms Stuart said there was “ample precedent” to refuse Ms Le Pen entry, based on Home Office decisions to bar others in recent years.

According to figures published in 2014, Mrs May has banned more than 217 people since 2010, including 84 hate preachers, 61 people on grounds of national security and 72 because they were deemed “not conducive to the public good”.


Though the woman is a fool, there are no grounds to ban her. This is, I think, political posturing by those who want to leave the EU who know that her contribution to the debate is likely to drive their potential voters to vote to stay in. Unintended consequences!


Now, I know that Marine Le Pen is “far right” and as said some rather inflammatory statements, but do you think that vis a vis the terrorism threat to Britain from within and without, that barring said individual will make the U.K. safer?

In the grand scheme of things, she is nothing but a fly in the ointment.

There were a record 339 arrests under counter-terrorism laws in 2015, 77% of which were British nationals, 14% were female and 13% were aged 20 and under.

“That would not have been the picture that one would have seen a few years ago,” Rowley said. “That is an indication of that radicalisation, the effect of the propaganda and the way the messages of Daesh are resonating with some individuals.”

He said just over half of those arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences ended up being charged with a terrorism offence.

He said 50 children had been “safeguarded”, in some cases because their parents or guardians had been stopped from taking them to Isis-controlled territory in Syria, or owing to other concerns about them being radicalised.

The ringleader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, visited Birmingham and London months before spearheading the carnage in the French capital. Found on his phone were pictures taken during his visit to fellow jihadis. Rowley declined to comment on this.


Too true :thumbsup:

It’s a cheap political ploy.


Totally agree, it’s the Brexiters who are demanding she be banned - because her coming here and openly voicing support for Britain leaving the EU will associate the campaign with the far-right, which will be a terrible headache for campaign HQ.

They are clutching at straws now IMHO. It’s been a terrible week for them.


What will they do if she gets elected President of France and she is banned from traveling there? There goes the friendship between France and Britain.


nothing but a fly in the ointment.

One fly can ruin a lot of ointment; methinks you should rethink your metaphors?



Awkward. There are those who wish also to ban Donald Trump from entering Great Britain. If he is elected the American president and she is elected the French president and both are banned from entering Great Britain, the Brits are going to look rather foolish refusing to let their best allies enter the country! Who’s next? The Pope? :cool:


Trump will not be barred from Britain.

It wouldn’t matter anyway, as he’s only going to end up caddying for Hillary.


Let’s ban her from North Carolina while we’re at it


There is as much chance of her being president as hell freezing over! But most bans are only temporary and either expire or are lifted. There are some permanent ones against Islamic preachers of hate ( who incidentally make up 75% of the numbers banned.)


She’s a minor problem compared to the more pressing issue and threat of homegrown radicalism and terrorism in and against Britain.


Nobody is saying she is a problem apart from the Vote No campaign who don’t want her to discredit them. As Vouthon said they are desperate now!


Great Britain passed years ago away from the free country into one where people are censured for thinking contrary to the government


As a non British person living in the UK I strongly disagree. The government and public institutions are challenged more rigorously than I have seen in any other country. Last year I travelled for the first time to the US on business. I have an Italian passport, one of my colleagues a French one. At the airport he was refused entry to the US and to this day has never been told why. Besides it is those who are against official government policy who are calling for this ban!


Well, “problem” is a poor word choice on my part, but I was simply trying to convey that she is insignificant in the grander scheme of things and that the idiom chosen was meant to convey this (she is of minor concern).


On that we agree Josie.




And yet, people who the government disagree with are banned from entry on a regular basis for wrong thinking.

This is not something that free countries do.

Political cronies are therefore able to take advantage to get rid of voices that disagree with them, because the door is already open for them.


All countries do it. The UK is just more open about when it does it and explains why. Many other countries do it secretly.

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