Marines ask science fiction enthusiasts to describe future threats


Marine Corps Times:

Marines ask science fiction enthusiasts to describe future threats

The Marine Corps is looking to get its geek on.
The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab will team three acclaimed science fiction authors with 17 service members who demonstrate creative skill in the genre. Organizers are teaming them up to create a compelling, credible narrative of what the world might look like in 30 years.
Marine leaders will then use the insight to better understand — and prepare for — the future fight.

The Science Fiction Futures Workshop will be held in Quantico on Feb. 3. Participants will work with “Ghost Fleet” author August Cole, “World War Z” author Max Brooks, and Charles E. Gannon, who wrote “Fire with Fire” and “Trial by Fire.”
Cole’s book is a futuristic thriller about the next global conflict. Brooks’ “World War Z,” which also hit the big screen in 2013, is about a zombie outbreak. And Gannon’s books examine the possibility of war with aliens.

The Marine Corps received 72 applications for the event from across the services and around the world, according to an administrative message released Friday.
Ultimately, a dozen Marines were chosen along with four sailors and a Coast Guardsman. The 12 Marines selected include three officers, three staff noncommissioned officers, three NCOs and three lance corporals.

“What we are hoping to get is younger, creative minds who will bring fresh ideas of how we could take the [Marine Corps Security Environment Forecast] world and bring it down to an operational and tactical level,” said Lt. Col. Patrick Kirchner, strategic foresight analyst with the Futures Assessment Division.

Gee, I never imagined leathernecks were issued an imagination.


I got a ton of scenarios. Did they close down the RAND Corporation? DARPA? The Naval Research Laboratory? The Office of Naval Intelligence?

Threat assessment is an ongoing, 24/7 process.


The Pentagon still hangs up on me whenever I call. Could it just be me… What? It is just me? Never mind:)


I have to believe our military intel community has tactics and plans for just about any kind of threat you could think of!!

The world war Z thing is not surprising either, as some type of chemical or biological attack could turn masses of people into mindless killers ‘zombies’ of sorts, such an attack would be devastating depending on fast the virus spread, while the victims would not really be the undead returned to life, it would still result in people running for lives against ‘infected’ people trying to catch and kill them…so pretty close to a zombie outbreak!!

I have read some things in the past that suggest this is a real concern for military planners, they say, when it comes to the human mind, it would not take much to turn otherwise normal people to mindless killers (biologically). They say its a just a ‘mental thread’ that keeps people civilized and acting normal.


interesting. thanks for sharing.


See if they can come up with a credible response to the threat of grey goo. :wink:


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