Marines look to sports teams for female recruits



I don’t think this goes far enough. In light of past discrimination, I think they should dismiss all men from the Marine Corps and make it a 100% female military force.


Sarcasm or not?

So long as they get the job done, I don’t care. They’re not the Social Justice Warrior Marines, they’re the US Marines.


Why the snark?

In particular, Neller believes female wrestlers are good candidates. “We looked at that and said, ‘Wow, that’s kinda what we’re looking for,’” he said. “They’re disciplined, they’re fit, they’re focused on their mission.”

Actually sounds like an intelligent approach, no? As opposed to the Army which tries to recruit kids with video games.


Right, because all of the men there now are the ones that caused all of the so called “discrimination” in the past. Maybe you think all priests should be female too to make up for all the past “discrimination” as well. :rolleyes:


SJWs are working there way through every branch of the service, even the Marines.

Not a bad idea…


Makes sense to me.

Apparently ISIS fear getting killed by women above all else.



They believe that they are barred from Jannah (which is a paradise, but nothing like our Heaven…) if they are killed by a woman:


Good luck with that.


Unless you are willing to grab a weapon, jump in a foxhole and fight next to us why does it matter who we recruit?




It matters because of hormones. It matters because women cannot come up to male standards of physical strength. It matters because men will defer to women out of courtesy or impressing them which makes women a liability in combat, like it or not.


:rolleyes: You going to start calling people “chickenhawks” next?

It matters because this is being driven by social justice politics, not military readiness, and because of it, Marines will die.



Some men cannot make the standards either, and they are not allowed to become Marines.


But more men than women, you know. with all that upper body strength, broad shoulders…


Exactly! :thumbsup:


You know, I’ve heard of female Marines doing the most courageous acts in combat, though I haven’t served with many of them in my 15 years in the corps, and I’ve seen men who though already won bronze stars with valor hide when rounds come down range. The ability to be courageous, honorable and strong is not held only by men.

Now if you want to talk about including women in infantry units or in special forces operations I would give you a different opinion. Not for the same reasons you state but we are not talking about that are we.

Women are an absolute necessity in the Marine Corps and without them in and out of combat we would be weaker.


But not every male has broad shoulders, but some chicks do.

There are asthenic males and Amazonian females. I’m not chivalrous and see no problem at all with admitting Olympic-class female athletes to military training, provided the standards to completion are the same.



Sorry, I’m not familiar with your “chickenhawks” reference, perhaps it’s a POG term, or a civilian one.

I, on the other hand, served from 1999 to 2014 when I was medically retired for injuries sustained in combat. Those injuries, I might add, were not the cause of a female being in combat and I would love to hear about how many Marines you know of, have heard of, or can even point to who have either been killed or injured because of the presence of a female Marine.

My guess is none, in fact all the female Marines I have ever worked with during my 6 combat deployments have brought utmost credit to themselves and to the Corps.


Because women can’t get the job done to the standards of men in infantry and combat.

Because women can’t perform as well as men in foxholes, infantry and combat. Not even close. And if we’re going to have a military, it should be men fighting on the front lines because they are better at it, much better.

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