Marital Embrace Question

This is embarrassing, but, is it necessary for the woman to climax in a marital act? A couple of months ago I was put on an antidepressant medication that makes it impossible (believe me we’ve tried everything morally permissible :o) to climax. I never had trouble with climaxing before, but it is definitely a no go on this medicine. I still enjoy the closeness and other aspects of the marital embrace. My husband is disheartened that I can no longer climax, but he agrees that this medication has worked better than any other anti-depressant I’ve ever taken. I’m willing to make this little sacrifice for the sake of being in a better mental state for myself and my husband. But would it be in any way sinful for us to continue the marital embrace, knowing I will most likely not experience a climax in future relations? :shrug:

I certainly wouldn’t think so. First of all, I’m no authority, but I don’t think that the woman has to reach a climax at all, as long as the man finishes at “home base.” And besides, you don’t know for certain that you won’t, and the next time might be your first success since you switched medications – you won’t know until you try! :thumbsup: Even men with erectile difficulties are permitted to at least* attempt* to complete the act. So go for it with a clear conscience. God bless! :slight_smile:

You should also talk to your psychiatrist about this. There are likely additional medications you can take that will help with this undesirable side effect.

No, it isn’t necessary.

Thank you everyone! :thumbsup:

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