Marital intimacy post gone?

I asked a question yesterday regarding the morality of married couples engaging in acts short of “finishing” while in a period of abstinence while practicing NFP. Today there is no trace of my post?? Our parish priest feels that in so far as intercourse {with hubby “finishing” in the proper place eventually happens after the abstinence period, acts short of climax are acceptable.We are unsure about this. I was hoping that someone with more than just a guess or personal opinion could offer help. Thanks

Did you post the question in the Ask An Apologist forum? When you post there, the thread seems to “disappear” as it goes into a non-public queue. As they receive lots of questions, they don’t always have time to answer them all.

If you posted in another fourm, you are better off sending a PM to that forum’s moderator. Anyone else would just be guessing.

Thanks for the reply. I posted in the Moral Theology forum. My actual post was very innocuous compared to many of the sexually oriented posts I have read on the forum?..

I believe your post was removed due to that one commenter who obviously was a troll not because of your original post

You’ll have to PM a moderator then. I believe Thomas Casey is the moderator of that forum.

IF it got “trolled” as noted above, then it may have been removed for that reason. But just FYI, sometimes a poste will be moved to another forum where it is better suited (likely not the case here). The first thing to do when you can’t find your post is to click your own name, click “find all posts by [you]” and see if it is still alive, just in another forum.

It is correct…if you didn’t see what I posted yesterday I will post again because I believe it is helpful:

This is a quote from Fr. Herbert Jone’s “Moral Theology” Which is a sound source of Catholic moral information from the 1950s

753. Apart from the marriage act which the couple either cannot or do not desire to perform:
a) *Mutual acts *that are sexually stimulating are lawful when done with a just cause (e.g. as a sign of affection)”

Well, I did not expect to see that! I have always been told, and have even read posts by others who quoted sources, that such was a sin…akin to masturbation…forbidden. I wonder if there is a difference between what Jone is talking about vs. penetration?

For what it’s worth, Jone’s “Moral Theology” has been used (still used today?) in seminaries all over the world for the education of Priests. My own Msgr. who is one of the strictest I’ve known has the utmost repsect for Jone. He is known as “very orthodox in his theology” according to Msgr.

I should have added that that quote pertains to what Jone calls “Incomplete acts” meaning no climax. Obviuosly climax must occur naturally (in woman) otherwise there is sin.

I doubt his work is still used today in most places…maybe in a few Traditional places, although I would love it if they brought his work back into use! I find it extremely helpful:thumbsup:

Thank you very much for answering my question with facts and not personal opinion or guesses at morality!

While the Church allows some genital touching (NOT climax…NEVER climax) for use during the fertile time, or during everyday life for the rest. It is stressed that it shouldn’t be done to the point of serious arousal. Just light touching/petting. A tweak here a grab there, that type of thing. Nothing that would make either party start having thoughts towards masturbation, or “wanting to go ahead all the way to climax” outside of the marital act. Thus, for many couples, genital touching is not done during these times of abstinence.

Hope this makes sense. :o

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