Marital relations when pregnant - till when?


I’d like to ask you who are more at home in this than I am :wink: :

How late in woman’s pregnancy is it still ok to have marital relations?


Unless your doctor advises you otherwise until the day you give birth.


As long as her doctor says things are good, the answer is as long as she feels like it :slight_smile:


Yep. In rare cases, a doctor will forbid it, but only if you are high risk of premature labor or something similar. In fact, there’s an old wives tale that if you are past your due date, you can sometimes start labor by having relations. :shrug:



What could be the range then? Till 2-4 months is ok? Till 3-4 months is ok? (I heard sth like this today from a friend studying medicine but said she was not sure and had to find out)


Exactly - for as long as you’re still in the mood and still physically able!


Really? Even with that big belly? :slight_smile:

I mean, isn’t it dangerous?


If doctor does not say “do not have sexual relations”, then there is no medical reason and you two can have relations as often as wanted. As long as SHE wants it. Some women are very uncomfortable and thought there is no medical prohibition, she still does not want to have relations. It could be she feels uncomfortable one week, and then three weeks later she feels in the mood again. Be a loving and attentive husband, listen to the doctor and you will figure it out :thumbsup:


No, you may have to be a little creative but its not dangerous.:slight_smile: For me our intimate life was especially satisfying while I was pregnant and I was completely fine with being intimate right up till the end. Unless their is a medical reason doctors are perfectly ok with intimacy until the ninth month.


As long as you adopt positions that are comfortable for both of you, no problem!


Thank you all for your “creative positions” in this matter :smiley:

Any further comments welcomed :slight_smile:


Unless there is a medical reason, a woman may have relations throughout her pregnancy, despite her big belly. It might become uncomfortable for her and *she *might wish to stop at some point.

Having relations when she is full-term can help bring on labor. That said, a woman should not have relations if her water has broken and she is waiting for labor to start. That would be very dangerous because of risk of infection.


until the doctor advises it is not wise, or until any problem or danger to the pregnancy or the wife’s well-being and comfort arises. This is a medical question, not a moral question.


'til 9 months:whistle:

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As long as you can, or until the Doc tells you otherwise…

There’s a really bad old joke about this… and without getting into TMI it deals with a 21yo son having his 1st drink with his dad…

The young man just stands up and repeatedly knuckles the dad in the forehead about 50 times…:confused:

Dad: "What’d you do that for?"
Son: "You did it to me 21 years and 1 month ago…payback… how do you like it??? :thumbsup:


Actually, semen is a rich source of prostaglandins, so when a woman’s cervix is getting ripe at the end of her pregnancy, and is susceptible to the effect of said prostaglandins, sexual relations CAN actually help to start or augment labor. It’s not a very strong effect, so the time really has to be near anyway. It will not start labor prematurely on its own (unless there is already a risk factor there for premature labor)…it’s not that strong, but it’s there.


As a woman in her fifth successful pregnancy (had two early losses at other times) I can tell you that sex can be safe and enjoyable right up until the last day! You do have to get creative to get around the belly. After 16 weeks, there should be no laying flat on the back (that can compromise blood flow to the placenta), but other than that…go for it! :smiley:


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