Mark 10:2-9: the Adultery That Is

**Now, I understand that this might be rather controversial… but one thing that I have appreciated lately about this forum is the ability to throw how I see things “out there” and receive honest opinions back without worrying about offending others… and neither am I ever offended by the views I receive. Please, keep this in mind.

Mark 10:2-9

Personally, I see this as an enlightened view of Isaiah 50:1-2 for the Jewish People. In Deuteronomy, it is said in the Law given by Moses, that a man can write out a bill of divorce… this is a merciful act for truly, what woman wants to live in denial, right? Jesus said that he was not abolishing the Laws (Matthew 5:17-19), and thus, this teaching of his points to something else other than the basic human level of knowledge.

This idea of divorce that so many view having been of God toward Israel was simply metaphorical. God would NEVER cast away Israel, but rather he would only chastise them as needed (Jeremiah 30:11).

Now, here is the problem we find ourselves faced with. Who here is committing the adultry? It is not God… for God is not a man to divorce His People. The stipulation for the bill of divorce was given for the People; and the prophets saw this on a deeper level… as a merciful act; yes on a physical level, but also on a deeper level for the Jewish who were dispersed among the nations (diaspora).

This is where Jesus touches on the conceptual metaphor of the Eunuch in Matthew 19:11-12. Jesus KNEW that God is** good and that He gave us Life, He would never require His People to sacrifice it at the expense of a statement (proof that He exists) as is the mentality a lot of Christians throw in the faces of others (see… people WILLINGLY gave their lives… thus the proof of God’s existence… as if God NEEDED humans to throw away their lives to prove Himself). Thus, Jesus was saying that it was okay to be “cut off” (a Eunuch) for the sake of Life… there is the clause given in Isaiah 56 for such a People to join back to their own. And this is what is meant in Isaiah 50:1… Dear My People, “Where is the Bill of Divorce?” ~ Love YOUR God!! :smiley:

So… who here is the one committing the adultry? My thoughts? Obviously, it is the Church and NOT Israel (Isaiah 57)…After all, it is to the Romans (and the Church :wink: ) that we get to chalk the following up to, no?: Rev 17:5-6… it was NEVER the will of Jesus to die and neither was it the will of all the others who died simply for being Jewish. The Christians are the only ones who EVER willingly gave up their lives, no? And yet… to me, it is not their death that proves God’s existence… it is the Life He has given to me.

Tsk Tsk… must be kind of a bit of a strain on the nerves for those who are the Leaders of the Church, don’t you think?

Your thoughts? Just thinking here… :blush:

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