Mark Bonocore / Matt Slick


I remember the debate but does anyone know where I can listen to it again or even buy a copy of the debate?



Did you check PhilVaz’s site?

Is this it? Mark Bonocore vs. Matt Slick on CARM’s “Faith and Reason” 2006 MP3


I only combined the first 2 parts in one MP3 on my audio page, with lowered quality, not great but audible.

The original was about 6 parts I think, but it started to get repetitive by Week 3 if I remember. All original MP3 should be available at Matt Slick’s blog, unless he doesn’t archive them that long. Otherwise I have all six parts. This was about a year ago or so. Heck I’ll just upload them all, looks like he got himself a new blog this year and didn’t save this debate online.


That’s all of them, original quality. Don’t nail my bandwith :stuck_out_tongue: each of these are 27 meg. That’s why I normally lower the quality and combine MP3 into one. I think the first two weeks covered most of it since they dealt with authority. They got into other issues in later weeks: Mary and salvation, but started to repeat themselves from the first 2 weeks.

Phil P


I have listened to the first two weeks and it is really good listening. Mark Bononcore defends the Catholic faith very well.


Thanks alot


Is there anyway I can burn this stuff? It want let me If not is there a place I can get it for free>


<< Is there anyway I can burn this stuff? It wont let me If not is there a place I can get it for free >>

Yeah you mean burn to an “audio CD” so you can listen in your car or a CD player? Windows Media Player can do this with any MP3 files and a CD Writer on your computer.

Only problem with that is the “audio CD” format gives you only 60 or 70 minutes per CD to work with. I don’t do this often but I think that’s right. Which means each of the 60 minute Slick vs. Bonocore MP3 files will require their own CD. In other words, 6 CDs.

If you just keep them in MP3 format, and find a MP3 player, or one in your car that plays MP3 directly, you don’t need to make multiple “audio CDs.” You can burn the MP3 files themselves to one CD and the MP3 player should play them. Or transfer the MP3 files to your MP3 player or Ipod thing through USB2. I have a tiny 1 GIG Creative MP3 player that holds a billion of these debates since I make the files so small (16 kbps quality). :thumbsup:

Phil P

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