Mark Hofman

Someone mentioned Hoffman last night and I stated he should have his own thread.

Doesn’t Hofman prove the LDS Church is not led by God?

First, he fooled even the alleged prophet. How could a guy who talks to God be misled by a forger?

Second, before the LDS Church knew the documents were fake, they bought them and hid them becauuse they were damaging to the LDS Church. That shows incredible dishonesty.

Third, the LDS Leaders KNOW their Church is false. They never really questioned the documents, they bought them and hid them. THEY WERE NOT SURPRISED.

Finally, Gordon B. Hinkley was caught in several lies during the investigation.

It has been suspected that The LDS Church was instrumental in working out a plea for Hoffman so that LDS leaders like Hinkley and others would not have to testify in a trial.

There was a little more to the happenings. When Joseph Smith died the large number of LDS followed Brigham Young to Salt Lake.

But there were those who thought the next prophet should be JS’ son. So, there was schism with those who remained in Missouri and supported JS’s son claiming to be the true Church, rather than those who followed BY. Those who did not follow BY are the RLDS or Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints. So, there had always been a scramble for documents between the two “Churches.”

I’m simplifying the history here for brevity and this has nothing to do with the schismatic fundamentalists which are another story apart from this topic. There was an early schism in the LDS Church after JS’s murder as to who should be the Prophet.

Two good books:

Sillitoe, Linda; Roberts, Allen (1989). Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders (2nd. ed.). Salt Lake City: Signature Books. ISBN 0-941214-87-7.

Lindsey, Robert (1988). A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder, and Deceit. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-671-65112-9.

Read both of those in 1990. Was amazed at the leadership of the LDS Church.

Well, it was a scramble for “legitimacy.”

If Hoffman was proving that JS’s lineage should be the next prophet, the LDS in Salt Lake certainly interested that nothing come to light that would make it appear that the RLDS was the “true” Church. So, Hoffman fed on that.

As for Hoffman – a sociopath with a talent for forgery. That he fooled the Library of Congress with a “find” of the “Oath of a Free Man” tells me that it was only about the money. It does not “prove” that God is not behind the LDS Church; it proves that Hoffman was a greedy nut who did not care if he brought down RLDS or LDS as long as he could get his hands on money.

My personal opinions aside.

Hoffmann was very angry at the LDS church. However, he did not look at this cultural heritage, which said that forgery is OK, so long as it had the potential of accomplishing his goals. The cultural legacy of Mormonism has left many people very confused.

I disagree. The way the LDS responded proves God is not behind the LDS Church.

It was about money for Hoffman. It was about damage control for LDS leaders.

That he fooled the Library of Congress with a “find” of the “Oath of a Free Man” tells me that it was only about the money.

I’m not a member of LDS and never have been, and have no desire to be – but can’t that very statement be used against any and all religions which have had negative press? I hesitate to single one Church out, knowing how we have been singled out without rehashing the controversy.

It becomes problematic. As you must be aware, there are LDS who participate in these forums.

I am not talking about negative press. I am saying that they way the LDS Church handled the forgeries and investigation shows they are not led by God.

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