Mark of God at baptism & Christian questions

My Mormon baptism is not valid to the Catholic Church. I read that Catholics believe that you receive the mark of God at baptism. What does that mean?

Also, does that mean I don’t have the mark of God on my soul? Should I be concerned?

I went to a Catholic priest and he said I was Christian and that confused me since I was raised as a Mormon and no longer believe. Also, he told me I was a Child of God but how can I be if I was not validly baptized?


Unfortunately, if a Catholic priest told you that your Mormon baptism was valid, he was incorrect. The Catholic Church has determined that Mormon baptisms are defective on some technical grounds. Happily, you can be validly baptized when you are ready.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

An indelible spiritual mark . . .

1272 Incorporated into Christ by Baptism, the person baptized is configured to Christ. Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ. No sin can erase this mark, even if sin prevents Baptism from bearing the fruits of salvation.83 Given once for all, Baptism cannot be repeated.

1273 Incorporated into the Church by Baptism, the faithful have received the sacramental character that consecrates them for Christian religious worship.84 The baptismal seal enables and commits Christians to serve God by a vital participation in the holy liturgy of the Church and to exercise their baptismal priesthood by the witness of holy lives and practical charity.85

1274 The Holy Spirit has marked us with the seal of the Lord (“Dominicus character”) "for the day of redemption."86 "Baptism indeed is the seal of eternal life."87 The faithful Christian who has “kept the seal” until the end, remaining faithful to the demands of his Baptism, will be able to depart this life "marked with the sign of faith,"88 with his baptismal faith, in expectation of the blessed vision of God - the consummation of faith - and in the hope of resurrection.

Perhaps the priest misunderstood me. I did tell him I was attending a few Christian Churches. Maybe he thought I had been baptized in another church. I will talk with him again. Thank you!

My reply is not about your question… but i just feel that i need to say this:

Can you Imagine How sad will be Jesus with all this Baptized thing… I was baptized here, now i want to get baptize there… is this baptized god? valid?

How sad is this…


I’m going to touch on one piece.

Since Jesus taught us to say a prayer to God that starts with ‘Our Father’, then we can know that we are all Children of God.

The priest was correct with this point, but he didn’t realize there could be a thought of confusion as I’m guessing your definition of ‘Child of God’ comes with some sort of extra that means this status is doing something for our future.

What you’ll learn as you continue reading and learning is that, this ‘Child of God’ fact does not have a sort of destiny attached.

There are many Children of God, who do not know they are, nor do they care.

I applaud you for caring.

There are many ex-LDS here that will be able to communicate to you with the understanding of how you have been taught, which will help (assuming they jump in).

Take care,

Kendra has never been baptized. She got wet once…but not baptized.

Trinitarian Baptism is what makes us Christian, friend. Whether one is Baptized by a Roman Catholic, a Lutheran, a Methodist, an Anglican, an Orthodox - so long as it is done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it is a valid baptism. Through this sacrament, all Christians are brought into the Community of Saints Militant and Triumphant by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is certainly sad to see that non-Christian groups pervert Baptism into something entirely different. :sad_yes: Mormons, not believing in the Trinity, cannot offer a Christian Baptism - most all Christians, regardless of denomination, understand this.

Not I’m not criticized her, i Just make the point that how sad is that we all fighting or argue in for a Baptized when on my point of view is only one baptized, example my girlfriend who attends a “christian” church say that she is going to get baptized again on her church, because she was baptized in the catholic church, she even make the confirmation, and i guess she is going to get baptized my son again when he grow up :(:(:frowning: against my will

Thank you. Now I realize you are not criticizing me:)

I had one baptism (LDS Church) and I found out it was a false baptism. Currently I am searching for a whole new belief system. That is why I am looking at several churches. You can’t imagine how difficult this is for me. When everything falls out from underneath you and you wonder if anything else can be the truth.

I’m looking for the correct baptism and once I get the correct one, don’t worry I will not ask for another:) I want to be a Christian. Thought I was but I am not.

The correct Baptism can be obtained from any Christian faith tradition, provided that one believes in the Trinity and is Baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Baptism is not the end of the story, however, but rather the beginning. The issue is what you are taught subsequent to your Baptism. The Catholic Church claims to possess the fullness of Truth and has maintained the same dogmas and doctrines since its inception, 2000 years ago. It can prove Apostolic succession all the way back to Peter. It is the original Church. You might want to start there. :slight_smile:

From what I understand as the Christian perspective, we are all creatures of God but not children. What makes us adopted as children of God is baptism, right? So baptism makes us a child of God? And as children of God we would then be allowed to pray to God as “Our Father”. Otherwise I have no right to call him Father because I am only a creature. Let me know if I am correct in my thinking.

And it sure would help to hear from ex-LDS. I thought every person was a child of God because of the pre-existence. We were taught we were spirit children of God. Now that I find there was no pre-existence then that means I am reduced to creature, not child.

Hope I make sense:) And I’m not crazy. Just unraveling from all the false teachings.

You are different than the rest of creation because you were created in the image and likeness of God. The fact that my child might run away from home does not mean that he is no longer my child. He is a child that has chosen to live apart from me. Not all “children of God” will end up sharing in the life of God. Some have chosen not to share in the life of God and God will never interfere in a persons free will to choose as they see fit.

Remember, Christ died for all men and women and paid the price for their sins so that they might live with him forever in heaven. Those that find salvation have accepted this most wonderful of gifts. Those who find damnation have rejected this gift. They have received exactly what they have chosen; a life without God.

Speaking of that Steve How can I make understand my girlfriend, that there is only one baptism, she was already baptized as a child on the catholic church, but she insist on go to the beach and get baptized on her church… and how can explain that to her if she get so upset when i even mention that. ???

The Mormon Church uses the formula “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost”. Although they do not believe in the Trinity.

Thank you Steve. I haven’t rushed into joining just any church because I am aware of Apostolic succession. That is why I am researching the Catholic Church :slight_smile:

I also realize a lot is involved in being a Christian, especially the Catholic Church. Baptism is definitely not the end, but only the beginning.

She does not understand the nature of a sacrament, in general, and Baptism, in particular. Many Christian faith traditions treat Baptism as a public pronouncement of the their faith, rather than the reception of sanctifying grace. They believe that they are Baptized into a “church” and therefore if they change “churches” they must be Baptized again.

But we are Baptized, not into the name of a “church”, but rather in the name of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When this occurs we have received an indelible mark on our soul marking us as belonging to God. The fact that we have received this indelible mark is the reason that it never has to be or should be repeated.

Yes, this is one of the dangers of the Mormon faith, in my opinion. They use commonly used words which make them appear to be Christian. But they have redefined those words to the extent that the Catholic Church does not even consider the LDS to be heretical, but rather an entirely different religion altogether. That is why their Baptism is rejected.

I do think you will get some responses from ex-LDS, but with your response, we can see that there is a condition attached to your definition of “Child of God”, good to know.

Steve did a great job explaining. You are in for an interesting adventure.

I think sometimes we take what we’ve learned and cut it apart to try and find the right fit of information for someone. But when someone is willing to learn and listen with zero background or prejudice, we must not cut apart information.

I suppose I would add to Steve’s what I was taught about the hierarchy of creation, very early on…


Pretty basic stuff, but we tend to wash ‘humans and animals’ together when we use the term ‘creatures’.

Pretty significant difference as Steve mentioned, Humans defined by ‘created in the image and likeness of God’.

I wish that she can Understand that, i was doing a research and notice that a least her in Florida the “beach Baptism” is one their big “attractions”

No doubt. The real attraction should be union with God.

Hi KendraM,

I’m a former Latter-day Saint. You can see the link to my blog below, feel free to check it out, hopefully it will be helpful to you.

As a Catholic, I believe that we are all children of God because He created us, unlike everything else He created, in His image and likeness. You are definitely not “just a creature” in the Catholic belief. A “pre-mortal existence” is not necessary for that belief. LDS believe that we are all, including Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, spiritually begotten children of God the Father and His eternal spouse, Heavenly Mother. As I’m sure you know, such a belief is not found within Catholicism.

In Catholicism, God is God (and has eternally been God), and man is man. Through Christ, we can become like God, becoming by grace what God is by nature (I believe Saint Athanasius said that). There is a difference of “kind” or “nature”. In contrast, LDS believe that God and man are the same type of being, with God merely further along in His progression than the rest of us (in addition to the belief that God was once a mortal man that progressed to Godhood, and we follow His example, a belief that is allowable within LDS beliefs).

Through baptism, we become adopted children of Christ, who is God. When we are validly baptized, among other things, we join the Kingdom of God, which is one reason why God wants people baptized from infancy if possible.

As Catholics, we believe that God established His Church anciently, as you read in the New Testament. That Church is a supernatural organization, the Body of Christ. Because it has Christ at its Head, and because the Spirit guides the Church, it cannot fail, it cannot apostatize. Catholics believe that that Church is still here today, and is the Catholic Church. We believe that we carry on the same beliefs and practices as the ancient Christians, and that the priesthood given by Christ was never taken away, but has been blessing the lives of humanity for 2000 years. God still speaks to His children (He never stopped, as the LDS faith would have us believe), and we can all receive guidance from the Lord for our lives. When our Church leaders meet in Councils, they are protected by the Spirit from formally proclaiming doctrinal errors. All Catholic churches, basilicas, chapels, and cathedrals are temples, where the presence of God can be found (there’s always a lamp that continuously burns in the sanctuary to indicate the real, actual presence of Christ), and where sacrifice and other sacramental mysteries are offered by God’s priesthood. Many if not most of the things that I appreciated about Mormonism can be found, in a fuller, more rational and Biblical way, in Catholicism, as you can see above and in my blog.

Hopefully you’ll be able to visit your local Catholic church soon. Many, if not most, Catholic churches will have more than one Mass on Sundays that you could attend to see what it’s like if you haven’t already. Some churches also have Masses every day of the week.

Feel free to ask me any questions/start a thread. Good luck in your journey!

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