Mark of the Beast in technology


What is mark of the beast?
Is it some payment method on the phone or something like that?
Recently I registered for payment method using phone is that what revelation meant by Mark of the Beaast?
Or the bible mean the mark of the beast not literally?


The mark of the beast is a figurative term.
It has nothing to do with making payments by phone.
I have no idea where you would get the idea that it related somehow to technology


It’s a mystery. If it was a number, I’d assume it would be VIVIVI rather than an Arabic number. Is it just a pattern that looks like that? Who knows?


Because Revelation said that we can’t buy or sell without it so I thought it must be something related to money and payment method.


It’s better to not try to interpret Scripture yourself, especially Revelation.
The Mark of the Beast is symbolic and has to do with Nero and other Roman emperors and their persecution of early Christians.


So what is the meaning of can’t buy or sell without those marks?


Did you read the link I posted?


Some Protestant writers have said that the mark of the beast might be a bar code forced on people to enable buying and selling-- it’s not really too far-fetched an idea considering we all in the US have social security numbers and they’re looking for ways to reduce identity theft. If you could buy with a swipe of your hand, it would reduce theft.
But people would not accept that system due to many Christians’ belief that it would be a sin. I don’t think it’s a sin but it’s a little too creepy for me.
And as a previous poster said, much of Revelation refers to events current for early Christians.


Look at the attacks on religious freedom. The Christian baker had to fight in the supreme court to be able to buy and sell.

Catholic hospitals almost had to close to keep from having to abort children.


The Antichrist isn’t even alive yet. Cease panicking.

Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist


Eh, he’s probably lurking on this forum :sunglasses:


The Antichrist is simply a permutation of the archetype of the beast or Satan from deep within the human psyche, which has been developed in the mammalian mind long before we were even human. It expresses itself in Abrahamic lore as a serpent, probably because serpents were one of the biggest threats to our well-being before we emerged from the forest canopies. These things are hard wired into the human subconscious and they spring up in every culture, especially in religious traditions. In Hinduism, there is a creative force in the universe that maps to God in the Abrahamic faiths, a destructive force that correlates to Satan, and a sustaining force that finds personification in the Holy Spirit. There is also a Mother force in Hinduism which for many of us in the west find expression in Mary, the mother of Jesus. But Hinduism is just one easy example. Wherever humans pop up, these same archetypes are found. The mark of the beast in truth is any outward manifestation of an acquiescence to the dark side of our being that walks ever in company with the good that is also within us, and they pop up in everything that we do, including technology, which offers both the potential for the advancement of humankind while at the same time it enslaves a good many people who produce it in unimaginable poverty. We use it to save lives while at the same time we use it to foment hostility in social media. We all carry the mark. The point is whether or not we position our lives to be reflections of the positive or negative that exist in equal parts all around and within. That’s the way I see it anyway.

All the best!





Or… humanity repeatedly creates these things because we are hardwired to understand truths we cannot experience with our five senses. In other words, all world religions are seeking an expression of something known innately.

What you call manifestations of the depths of the human psyche, I call the spiritual nature of man.

Or do you think that whales and dolphins have also developed archetypes of the beast in their mammalian minds?



IF the mark of the beast is something that will ever pertain to modern civilizations, and IF we cannot buy or sell without it, and IF taking this sign means eternal separation from God…

THEN you won’t be able to unknowingly or unwittingly throw away your salvation by using it for a transaction.

In other words, if you’re using a debit card to buy something at Home Depot, and you are not asked to enter your pin and then required to denounce your faith in Christ for the purchase to be approved – you’re good.

Be at peace. God’s not trying to trick you into hell.


Good Afternoon Gertabelle and thank you for the reply: I certainly agree that that all religions seek an expression of something beyond the senses, or at least beyond conscious experience. With regard to whales and dolphins, I do think that they have archetypes that operate in their collective consciousness. The difference between them and us is our ability to apply linguistic tiles to them, which is simply a function of our left-brained orientation or cognitive abilities.

Archetypes emerge form the unconscious, which is probably pretty much the same for all living things, or at least mammals. In our hubris, we as human always pride ourselves on the practical and complex nature of our left brain oriented minds and for the most part we assume that these attributes are more sophisticated than the unconscious which is shared by all animals. But this is only a later adaptation. In truth, the very recency of it’s development (humans have been around only for about 200,000 years) makes it likely to be less complex than the subconscious which has attended mammals and been under development for 83 million years. So, while we have gained some novel utility from our cognition, there have been corresponding losses on the intuitive level where most other animals excel over us.

There have been a good many peer reviewed and published studies on the intuitive capabilities of animals. Some of the more interesting involve how animals are able to sense earthquakes and tsunamis before they show up on any sort of instrumentation, or how flocks of birds can turn at the exact same time, suggesting a mental connection much deeper and faster than communication can offer, or dogs who know that their owners are coming home. These have been explored closely and call into the question the superiority of the human intellect. In fact, when considering the atomic bomb, our ability to mass-murder, our ability to propagate beyond the capabilities of the planet to sustain us, and the ever flimsier social and economic scams we have a proclivity to create and our ability to pollute our environment, it calls one to wonder whether or not the human intellect will in the end prove to be a terminal or fatal mutation.

All the best!


If you read the fine print when applying for a Visa or MasterCard through any bank anywhere in the world, you will find these words:
I hereby renounce Christ and his holy Church and pledge myself to the beast whose mark I am applying for.

True story.


I know a lot of Dispensationalists like trying to figure out how Revelation fits with modern technology. It’s pretty key to a lot of their beliefs that Revelation is referring to stuff that will occur some time in the (near) future, so pretty much everything from NFC chips to modern weaponry is shoved into Revelation.


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You are so bad.

I doubt even God reads all the fine print in user agreements. :innocent:


Can a Catholic say “I don’t believe you!”, in such definitive terms?

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