Mark Steyn, "America Alone"


Has anyone read Mark Steyn’s, “America Alone”? He offers a hair raising analysis of the collapsing West in the face of advancing Islam and suggests that Western Society will collapse within our life times. He just finished an interview with Milt Rosenberg on WGN radio.



Muslim nations are amongs the most week in teh world today. How can this ever be feasible.

This is just an indirect incitation to furthermake life harder for muslims and demonize Islam.



I hope you are right.



IMHO Muslim nations aren’t the most weak. They are among the most prosperous nations due to oil revenue, and most have an impressive store of weapons.
But IMHO it won’t necessarily be this weaponry that will buckle our socities. It will be fighting against an extreme theology that advocates the death of even their own children, which I don’t think Western Civilization has the ability to fight.
Bless you my friend.


thats why i’m not buying a car that runs on gasoline. >:(


I’m increasingly impatient with our lack of progress toward developing our Alaskan oil reserves, and developing alternative sources of fuel. Let the Arab counties go broke as far as I’m concerned. I wish we’d stop importing Middle Eastern oil.

The ruling families of some of these nations are very rich and so are several private citizens. But it’s not the nations that worry me. It’s the infiltration of Wahhabists, Al Qaida and the like that concern me.



Very sad indeed to realize that America may be the worlds last best chance to experience freedom and democracy. And the more we read and see in our media that our sphere of influence has been eroding systematically for some years now. Europe has all but capitulated to the Muslims and their wants, the middle east well we know who runs that area, Africa they have their own problems, South America is ripe for Muslim conversion, Canada shows signs of caving into the Muslim interests, very disheartening indeed.


I’d be happy if we could only remodel our current refineries, but environmental extremeists succeed in making that virtually impossible.

I didn’t want to imply that all Muslim nations are wealthy, because that certainly isn’t so, but there should be more than enough to go around given the ample oil and other natural resource revenue. It seems corruption and graft takes precious food and resources that could be used to make even the poorest Muslim nations more prosperous.

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