Mark Steyn Human Rights Tribunal "Show Trial" Opens in Vancouver

WOW! Canada’s leftist human rights tribunal mentioned CAF forum as part of their proof against Mark today. :eek:

Poor Mark and poor Canada. Let us pray for better times for Canada.

Where do you see that in this article? I could not find it anywhere and even did a word search on the page. :shrug:


Try This Link.…Steyn show trial: Muslims call respected Catholic web forum “hate speech”

It mentions CAF by name.

This is the thread they are talking about.

Wow - that’s pretty amazing that they would use such a thing as “evidence”. :eek:


Things are pretty scary in Canada for sure these days. :frowning:

Human Rights Tribunal punishing free speech by calling it hate speech.

This is what happens when the leftists (Marxists, Fascists, and the likes) are in charge. The real hates come from the left.’

The same garbage is happening in the UK. See: UK Officer Tells Preachers: Converting Muslims “Hate Crime”

Wow, this is crazy. I love Mark Steyn, and CA… His book is outlawed in Canada. I guess they don’t have to offer freedom of speech. They aren’t America. Bridget Bardot was just convicted of Hate Speech in France for speaking against the Muslim culture.

I think that is part of the reason this case was started, I see now it is mentioned in the article. :o

Consider Canada the canary in the coal mine. Don’t consider for a moment that this cannot happen in the US despite the first amendment to the Constitution. What the Constitution says is not as significant as what judges say it means.


Exactly. If the judges can find there’s a “right” to abortion, or in the past, a right to legalize segregation, they can find anything.

It’s worse than that.

There was an article in the latest “Wanderer” about a Canadian Constable who has already been jailed.

I’ll try to find a link to it.

No, the book is not outlawed, though it will be interesting to see if the tribunal thinks it actually has the right to do that. I’ve been following the proceedings by reading the blogs of Ezra Levant and Andrew Coyne, both of which are accessible from the SteynOnline home page.

I think the respondent’s strategy is to go for a guilty verdict which can then be appealed to a real court. From what I’ve been able to read, they won’t have to try too hard. The stuff that’s been going on is just incredible.

Thanks for the correction. It is banned? I listen to Mark Steyn quite a bit, but, you are following it better than me… I think he is great.

No, I believe the ‘banning’ remark was simply a tongue-in-cheek comment about the outrageous behavior of the Human Rights Commissions which are arrogating a broad spectrum of rights to themselves and setting up a parallel ‘justice’ system. They are out of control and need to be either reined in or dismantled. The sooner the better.

The federal HRC is currently being investigated by the RCMP, for hacking into private computers and setting up fake ids to use in white supremist websites. Entrapment, anyone? I think you can Google ‘Richard Warman’ to check on this, or read about it on Ezra Levant’s website. He is still having to deal with his own case before the Alberta HRC, I think.

And Justice For All! Especially those other guys.

I found the article; now I need to find the link/URL thingee.

It was in the May 22, 2008 issue on page 9.

“Jailed Cornwall Cop … Now Facing More Charges” by Paul Likoudis.

The poor fellow’s name is Perry Dunlop.


Fascists are big-government types. That puts them clearly on the left. Way out on the left.

Interested folks who want to read more, should get or ask their librarian to get Jonah Goldberg’s book:

Interested folks can also view Jonah Goldberg’s BookTV presentation here:

He’s excellent.

Only in American Rightist political ‘thought’.

No. Fascism is just another type of Socialism, just like Marxism and Nazism. They are all sides on the same dice.

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