Mark Steyn Human Rights Tribunal "Show Trial" Opens in Vancouver

Only in American Rightist political ‘thought’.

*Fascists promote a type of national unity that is usually based on (but not limited to) ethnic, cultural, national, racial, and/or religious attributes. Various scholars attribute different characteristics to fascism, but the following elements are usually seen as its integral parts: patriotism, nationalism, statism, militarism, totalitarianism, anti-communism, economic planning (including corporatism and autarky), populism, collectivism, autocracy and anti-liberalism (i.e., **opposition to political *and economic liberalism).


I win.

Back on topic, I compelty disagree with it. We as human beings should have the right to say anything we want.

Have you read any of Marx works?

“Only in Rightist American political thought.”

I wonder where I heard or read that before??]


Are you kidding? Hitler HATED Commies.


I ment both… But, hey… Hate why? Competition?

I have, I was an anti-socialist/anti-communist in a world where there were real communists still around - so, it helped a lot to be conversant with the central themes and important works of both Marx and Lenin.

Part of the ‘Jewish World Conspiracy’.

Oh, come on, I usually use ‘American Conservative’ or ‘American Right’ when people come up with the kind of lazy lack of historical knowledge and analysis that marks such statements.

Read also Jonah Goldberg’s book:

State control over the economy is socialism.

The Nazi party were National Socialists.

Communists and Nazi’s … different stripes of the same animal.

For those willing to give Goldberg the chance, he offers the following thesis: that the label fascist has its roots in the governing philosophies of Italy’s National Fascist Party and Germany’s National Socialist (Nazi) Party. He argues that there has been a false duality created between the Soviet Socialists of the USSR and the socialists united under the fascists in Italy and Germany. He argues that the totalitarian impulse, the philosophy of state control of decisions taking priority over individual freedoms, is the core uniting principle behind these movements, and he argues that the ongoing home of such statism is in what has come to be known as the “liberal” politics of the modern progressive movement. As you can imagine, that doesn’t sit very well with the targets of his argument.

Read the book. Only confirmed what I already know.

fascism was the first populist conservative movement. prior to its emergence, old-fashioned conservative types (monarchists and so on) disapproved of common people having a say in government or engaging in political activity. whereas fascism as a movement actually harnessed the energies and grievances of ordinary people to forward conservative and nationalistic ends.

the roots of fascism lie in groups of disgruntled World War I veterans in Germany banding together to protest their government’s economic and foreign policies which they regarded as insufficiently nationalistic, and to fight communists where they threatened to take over local government.

Fascism was/is socialist in philosophy no matter how you spin it (and it is spinning out of control). That makes it a leftist in nature and they do not want to admit it because many parts of their agenda today is frightening similar to the Fascist agenda.

The trouble is that you’re in danger of ruining the fun if you talk about what actually happened, who was actually involved, what the policies actually were and so on.

that’s a risk i’m willing to take.

did you notice i offered to get you a copy of the book at the center of this controversy (i pronounced that british-style for you, btw)?

No, sorry, I didn’t notice. I take it that the naughty, naughty Muslims have been very, very naughty or something?

Fascism is a government, faction, movement, or political philosophy that raises nationalism, and frequently race, above the individual and is characterized by a centralized autocratic state governed by a dictatorial head, stringent organization of the economy and society, and aggressive repression of opposition

Sounds like socialism or communism in a different dress.

something along those lines, yeah.

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