Mark Steyn Interview

For those who’ve read “America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It” and those who study Muslim expansionism you might be interested in this Interview.

Then, following the above interview, there was a discussion with 3 Muslim law students who are fighting the media’s image of the Muslim expansion. It’s worthwhile to educate yourself on this since it gives some insight into the all-out battle for controlling public opinion, which is now getting under way. (search on Mark Steyn and you’ll find other threads addressing this topic)
Afterwards they debate Mark Steyn.

I watched both videos. Interesting and for the most part thoughtful. It would appear that in Canada when someone doesn’t like the content of a magazine article or the editor will not publish a response exactly as you want, you can now take them to the human rights commission. More political correctness to inhibit free speech.

[FONT=Arial]We all know how successful a lobby group is against a government body. They’ll keep crying wolf, to hold that commission hostage. The commission is a weak link – But how does one dismantle that commission and its “Human Rights Act”… [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Canada has allowed so many of these immigrants in, for our tiny population. However it’s more than a Canadian issue: It’s a sneak-peak at your children’s northern-border neighbors in 50 years. Remember it’s a very resource-rich country.[/FONT]

Well, it did remind me that the Mark Styen book is one that I wanted to read. Guess I’ll have to do it soon. His analysis of the European situation seems almost self evident.

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